How could internet marketing help a mortgage broker?

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I was wandering if there are ways I'm can help a mortgage broker? One way I was thinking was if a broker could get a contact list of realtors. Is there any other idea's how you think it could help a broker?
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    You can capture related local traffic by way of a website full of helpful info and then credit that info to the mortgage broker. The same way most sites work. Might drum up some business
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    man there are sooo many ways to boost that business... I have worked with local mortgage brokers out here,... They join referral groups, write amazing articles to share around Facebook on managing debt, consolidating credit cards, different types of mortgage products...

    There's also hooking up with businesses, the welcome wagon in town for people new to the area... Sponsoring things where your target audience is likely to hang out like baby classes (new families) church things and such...

    I could go on forever, but just figure out how to get in front of your target audience...

    Oh and use PPC & Google Places optimization.

    We grow and monetize email lists and build custom email servers too.

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    How would you drive local traffic to a site? Instead of just worldwide.
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      Originally Posted by CoryVanGeest View Post

      How would you drive local traffic to a site? Instead of just worldwide.
      Optimize the site for local traffic. Geographical terms and phrases. ie: Palm Beach Mortgage Lender etc in your text. Create extra pages for specific services and html title tag your pages to each service and your location. The more specific the better.

      Hope that helps
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    You can become the lead broker of choice.

    Local audiences will be attracted by optimizing the site for local-specific keywords that match the topic keywords.

    For example:

    Tulsa OK + keyword
    Tulsa Okla + keyword
    Tulsa Oklahoma + keyword
    keyword + Tulsa OK
    keyword + Tulsa Okla
    keyword + Tulsa Oklahoma
    Tulsa metro + keyword
    keyword + Tulsa Metro

    then feel free to substitute suburb names also.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    Beat me to it tpw cheers
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    We'll try this. thanks
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    Great facts, didn't know that was possible

    Pinterest Invites and Followers

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    you could hire a good adwords ppc expert. to have him get local leads for you. once you find the right keywords. you will get leads...
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    Having been a mortgage broker for about 12 years, I was never able to get much consumer traffic from organic SEO or PPC. Most consumers don't go online looking for a broker. They go online looking for information. I suggest the following:

    1. Rather than use SEO to attract consumers, use it to promote yourself to realtors and other potential networking partners. Realtors like working with the best mortgage brokers. This means getting a lot of good reviews in Google Places, Yelp and other directories so when you speak to an agent about business, have them look up terms like mortgage broker Minneapolis or lender Minneapolis or best loan officer in Minneapolis. Hopefully, you'll pop up all over the place with a bunch of gold stars and raving reviews under your name.

    Be sure to optimize any awards or recognition that you can post online as well.

    2. Consumers may not be going online to search for mortgage brokers, but they are going online to search for homes (I hope you like the purchase business more than the refi business). There are a lot of internet platforms that are like MLS for consumers where they have to log in to view properties. You can capture their email addresses and use them to follow up with them to see if they've been pre-qualified. if the platform provides your own personal url, you can optimize it in search the same way you'd optimize your website.

    From what I can tell, most mortgage brokers ignore internet marketing so chances are there is plenty of opportunity to dominate your online market. Good luck.

    User banned from this site for being relevant.

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      I am looking for someone who knows how to generate leads for mprtgages, new home refi etc and is willing to sell as well as teach me how to do it myself.
      Willing to pay...

      Grab 8 free online resources other people pay for

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    Hey Cory, as a licensed mortgage broker I discovered the world of IM because I needed to figure out a way to build relationships fast with realtors to get leads from them.

    I accomplished this by generating leads for realtors of people that wanted to buy homes.

    This approach is a lot different than a traditional mortgage broker who goes to "meet & greets" to exchange business cards.
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