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my friend has written and put together a really good book on kids hairstyling.

she's put a lot of effort in and used professional publishers and photographers and to be honest , put together a fantastic product.

She's funding the first 1,000 out of her own pocket. It is about to be printed and is some 80 pages all in full colour at an initial cost of around $6-7 aust a book. (obv future runs cheaper as all the printing plates etc will be kept)

this seems to me to be a good niche, as theres not anything out there of its kind or quality

So how would you market this online, what strategies would you employ etc., keywords ?? JV's ??

Looking forward to your responses

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    I know you asked for online mkt, but mkt this book direct offline to hair salons specializing in kids cuts would probably be pretty cheap and return much more than typical 2/3%
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    she should make an ebook version so people can instantly download after they pay. good niche though.
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    I agree with the earlier poster. Who buys books on hair styles? Haircutters that's who.

    Now a kids cut cost $7-15 depending on where you go so if she could sell the instructional book for a trade for around $50 she would make a great profit. She could then do a video series on how to cut the hair for visual learners (like me) and sell them for $197, and so on and so one and so one.

    It all about the return that the product gives the person who buys it. If I can make my money back in under 5 uses then it is worth it.

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    It may seem like a good niche, but have you actually done research to determine if there are buyers there that will spend money on a book or info product? Is anyone else selling a similar book already? I not, that's probably not a very good sign. Some niches may seem good at first impression, but you have to do research.
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      Seems that you have a lot of buyers if you knew your demographics.

      You want:
      female : 21-44 yrs.old
      has children: 0-17yrs.old
      income: 60k+
      and are stay at home moms.

      I put together a spreadsheet fitting at least those demographics and found about 1000 high traffic places that you can promote through paid advertising or participate in the forums, commenting and guest article submittion.

      Give me an addy and I'll send it your way...even explain it to you.

      The excel sheet is about 88k.
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    thanks for the ideas all, cheers all round

    i'll drop back once i see a finished product (seen all the pages electronically) and give an update as to how she goes with it.

    thanks again
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    If you're offline marketing it, then try do get some direct mailing done and advertise on kiddies magazines.

    Good luck anyway.

    Ambar Hamid

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