Whats the next best thing to adsense?

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I regularly build Google adsense websites, but I'm looking to go into other PPC networks similar to Google adsense.

Whats the best PPC network after Google Adsense?

The idea is to branch and expand into other similar programs.
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    I've personally tried Infolinks. With them, you sign up for an account, wait a day or two to get approved, install their plugin to your WordPress installation (it's site specific), and then let it do it's thing.

    Their plugin identifies words and phrases on every page of your blog and then underlines them. When someone mouse-overs the link, it'll do a popup with an advertisement. You have to have each site approved that you want to put the plugin into, and they have guidelines for that.

    It's more structured than AdSense, but I didn't have the success (money-wise) with them that I did with AdSense. You might get better results depending on your topic, though...I think I just chose a bad niche at the time.

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    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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