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Though I love gmail, the one thing I miss is that there is no way to block senders. Does anyone know of a web based email service that will allow me to block senders. At a push I would consider a pop3 client that does this.

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    With gmail you could filter out senders you don't want to hear from, straight to trash, without passing through your inbox.
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      Thanks for that. I'm doing that at the moment. I want to see if I can take it one step further and block some of these people.

      I can do it with my personal email, and its amazing how little spam I get, and when someone ignores my unsubscribe I can completely ignore them. The trouble with my personal one is the interface is absolute rubbish when it comes to long emails, so pretty useless for business.

      I never understood why gmail never included blocking senders in gmail.
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    Sometimes you may get unwanted mail that isn't necessarily spam.
    While you can't currently block messages from specific addresses or domains, you can set up a filter to send those unwanted messages directly to Trash.

    To set up a filter, follow these steps:
    1. Click Create a filter under the search box at the top of any Gmail page.
    2. Fill in the appropriate fields with the filter's criteria, and click Next Step.
    3. Choose the action you'd like for these messages by checking the appropriate box. (In this case, we suggest checking Delete it.)
    4. Click Create Filter.
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