Making Your Audio Voice Clearer

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I have a Samson USB microphone with a filter. My voice is kind of nasal and want to make the audio sound clearer or kind of change my voice sound so the audio sounds better.

Anyone have any suggestions? I use audacity and it just doesn't do the job for my voice change.


F. Kuhn, RN
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    Hi wealth2moms-

    AV Voice Changer software by Diamond is one choice but it's around a hundred bucks. A lot of folks who do presentations use for the same purpose as you want. It seems to be one of the better options out there.

    Good luck,
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    Or, you could just hire someone to do some voiceovers for you. I have a little bit of a nasally voice, plus a bit of a slur, but I still do all of my audio work.

    Why? Well, I really don't care what people think. I am me. If you don't like me... well...


    Shannon Herod
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    There are many tips on how to get your voice to project properly.

    The number one way to improve your speaking voice with a mic, is to maintain a proper distance ( put you thumb on your mouth and stick out your pinkie and you mic should never be closer than that)

    NEVER talk into a Mic

    Always talk past your mic, in your minds eye talk to someone that is on the other side of the mic in a normal conversation.


    No slouching allowed, put you feet on the floor, and speak at the rate of 140 words per minute.

    Find written text and count out 140 word, and read at get the feeling of finishing the text in 140 words.

    This should be more than enough to get ya going ~!

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    thanks for the advises
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    Yes, I got this logitech webcam, and has a built in mic. Very lowsy.

    What is best mic for voice?
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    Hi F.Kuhn:

    Hope you are well. As a former radio disc-jockey and long time public speaker you ask a million dollar question. There are a couple of ways you can go. The answer will be based on your budget. P.A. Smith in an earlier post had a great suggestion.

    Depending on the software you, friends, or family currently have you may be able to get away with not having to invest any more money.

    For example in a lot of the audio capture/editing programs that are 50-75 dollars they have different options for changing the equalization. The bass and treble can be adjusted, the pitch changed, reverb can be added, and so on.

    Sometimes we are our own worst critic. If you would like I can listen to the recordings you have done and let you know. Feel free to send a private message.

    Have a great weekend.

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    Okay download a free copy of Audacity ... you can import your audio file and edit it in here. Applying effects and use an eq to change the pitch etc.
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    No one likes the sound of their voice, except occasionally the voice over guy.
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    The easiest way is to capture better audio. Get a good mic that has an XLR connection, and an external sound card for your computer that takes an XLR input.
    I'm using a Creative Professional 0202 USB which converts XLR to USB and it's great, it only cost $129.

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    I'm a musician and ran across Mixcraft a couple of years ago.

    It has a pretty good effects section with a compressors and EQs as well as a range of other things. I use it to record my voice with a USB microphone I spent about $130 on and it works fine.

    You can download a free trial here Mixcraft 4 - Affordable multi-track audio and MIDI recording software. (non-aff link)


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      Great advice everyone.

      If my son's girlfriend uses the microphone, it sounds great because she has a crystal clear voice.

      On top of wanting to make my voice clearer, I have a NJ accent. In college I took speech pathology and audiology and spent months developing the midwestern accent with the professor's help. When I decided to go for nursing instead, back to my NJ accent.

      I guess I'll never be happy with my voice but I like to take PLR and make audio or make a video with audio. I love audio because when I am in my car, I can listen to all types of audio.

      Even though I am a visual person, audio is great in the car.

      Thanks, Learning alot.

      F. Kuhn
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    If the recording is OK i.e. no hiss and crackle(!) I wouldn't worry about your voice. Heck - I'm English and people over their think it's wierd!!! It's the content that counts.....

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