Do you add an optin form on your blog posts?

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I'm thinking about putting a sign up form for my email list below every blog post that I make. What do you think about this technique? Desperate? Or smart?
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    Originally Posted by ebooks4u View Post

    I'm thinking about putting a sign up form for my email list below every blog post that I make. What do you think about this technique? Desperate? Or smart?
    It's your choice as long as the form don't distract the post.
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    It sure sounds desperate to me. I'm not sure as well.

    Probably you can put up different versions of it, so that it won't look repetitive.

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    The way blog post float around the net now with the extreme revolution of web 2.0 I think integrating a sign up form at the end of good quality, lengthy pillar posts is not a bad idea. I wouldn't do it for a aimless, 200 word quick post, but again, after a long article like post. There are plugins that will allow you to integrate your sign ups in a "nice" way.
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    • I think it's a good idea, infact I'm about to implement it on a Blog I organized for a client, funnily enough I was also influenced by Aweber's guide.

      It makes perfect sense to me, somebody reads the article/post, they like what they read, you take that opportunity to add a small subscribe box with some kind of verbiage with a call to action in it like.

      If you enjoyed this article, enter your name and email address to be notified of similar articles"

      It makes sense you'll add more people to your list.

      I've actually implemented a number of those Aweber stratagies recently on this blog, it's done rather well. He has some 3000+ subscribers already, verifiable via the Aweber widget.

      I would put some credence into SolidSnake's comment however, make sure it's not in their face, and doesn't detract in anyway from the site, etc, this is just another string to the bow, not the main focus.

      If your using WordPress, it's very easy to insert for example your Aweber code into the footer of each page with a plug in.
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        I think it's a great idea. I'm going to implement this myself today.
        Nothing to lose by trying.

        IMO Partnership. A National Insurance Marketing Alliance.

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          Four hours ago I've inserted a link below a new blog post that sends people to my private membership site, and guess what... I just made a new sale. Coincidence?
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            I think it's a great idea.

            If you provide enough value to your readers, they'll love to sign up on your list.

            In fact scientifically the more instances of a link or an opt in form will provide more opportunity for some one to opt in or click on a link.

            I wouldn't hype up the opt in part though, I would keep it simple.

            It also depends on what your having the lead opt in for.

            It's something definitely you would have to test out.

            Frank Bruno
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              That's funny you mention a new sale after change.

              For some weird reason virtually every time I make a new change to one of my sites or processes for testing purposes I always make a sale within a few minutes or a few hours.

              Make sure when you test new things out that you only make small changes otherwise you'll have no idea which change was for the better.

              Frank Bruno
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                I have seen many blogs where it does not detract from the blog at all.

                I think it is a great idea!
                "Fate protects fools, little children, and ships called Enterprise." ~Commander Riker
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                  If you look at my blog you will see I edited the post loop so that my optin is at the bottom of every post.

                  This method has come in second to best when it comes to conversions.

                  I ran the test against putting the optin in the sidebar, at the top of the post and as an unblockabe hover.

                  The only one that out pulled the optin at the bottom is the hover.

                  I am want to try to test the long term effect of using the hover will have on return reader but have not figured out how to do it.

                  So for now I am sticking with the optin at the bottom of the post.

                  Also, conversions go up and down depending on the quality of post.

                  If you are posting promo materials the conversion is dismal at best. If you are giving great content I have seen the conversion go through the roof.

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                    I read that over at AWeber too...

                    I don't think it'd look very good on each and every post... but selectively placing it on your more outstanding posts is definitely worth looking into..



                    Bare Murkage.........

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