I met a guy in the pub who's not going to make it...

by Roy Carter 38 replies
...I don't mean he's going to die or anything, but he say's he has tried making money online and it doesn't work.

I asked him what he'd tried and what effort he had put in. I won't bore you with the conversation. I'll spare you that. Basically he was whining about the fact that he had to work a 9-5 job and he just didn't have the time to make any money online. He'd love to quit his job etc etc blah blah...

Just think about this for a second. He didn't have time...

I met him in the PUB for Chrisakes!

Any newbies reading this who think they don't have time, please take note!

The thing is this. Many people get started in internet marketing for the same reasons as you.
Because they want to be able to eventually quit their jobs and make money online instead.

Let's face it, it's a much more enjoyable way of earning a very nice living.

Some of those people succeed and some don't. Here's why...

Having a nine to five job means that you have worked those hours. That's 40 hours a week.
Or you may work 50 or 60 hours a week. That makes you tired and all you want to do when
you get home is to eat your meal and then relax in front of the TV, then go to bed and get
up for work again the next day.

The people who fail to ever make any money online are the people who do the above and
maybe fit in an hour or two a week working on their online business, or they do nothing.

The people who succeed in making money online and eventually replace their jobs are the
people who want to quit their jobs badly enough. They want the lifestyle that they see so
many other online marketers enjoy. So what they do is this....

They work their 9-5 jobs AND they work on building their online income. They don't come
home and watch TV. They come home, grab a coffee, and start doing something they
enjoy i.e. working on building their online business. They can see the future. Their future.

They do something every day. Instead of watching TV they are working on their online project.

Building and building until they start to see some income and then building on that until they start
to see more income coming in, then building on that until they are seeing a regular
income coming in and then building on that until they have much more than their job income coming in.

Then they quit their jobs and start really making some serious money by working
at home full time an building their online business.

Honestly, how many hours of TV do you watch a week? Add those hours up and tell me what
you get. 5 hours a day is about the norm (and some people watch TV before they go to work).
So 5 hours a day equals 35 hours a week.

What if you watched just 5 hours of TV a week? Only watching the things you really wanted
to watch? That leaves you with 30 hours a week to work on escaping your day job. Working
towards your goal to escape the rat race.

Do that and you will succeed. But it takes commitment. If you want something badly enough,
if you can see how different your life could be, then you'll make the sacrifice. But really, is it
a sacrifice? No. It's enjoyable and can pay off BIG time IF you want it badly enough.

Those that don't succeed and will always have to work for the man for a lousy monthly paycheck
are those exact same people who whine about the fact that they have no time to change their
lives because they are too busy with their jobs.

BULLS***T !!!

MAKE the time. Commit to learning the methods that will allow you to truly change your life in
a way that you can hardly imagine. Then work diligently at putting those methods into action.

Is it worth it?

Damn right it is!!

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  • Profile picture of the author lazavas
    brilliant post!
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  • Profile picture of the author Chirag
    Well Said Roy... I agree with you as it's a very valid point.

    Some little effort adds up to a whole lot in the long run but you've got to start from some where.

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    • Profile picture of the author johntanyishin
      You got to plant the seeds first before you get the fruits.

      Some people think that it's easy to make money online.

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      • Profile picture of the author lazavas
        this is a great post, so much of it makes sense, so many people i have mentioned to that u can make money online just dismiss it! it frustrates me, as i would love to find someone near me to bounce ideas of, and to keep each other going, i am determined though and all i can think about even when i am at work is IM, it gives me hope that i can one day live the life that i want to and to be able to buy my fiance anything she wants!
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        • Profile picture of the author JayXtreme
          VERY profound Roy...

          I was ridiculed for years by colleauges I used to work with for never spending any time in the pub, not going on company night's out.... all I wanted to do was get home and fire up some ads or copy...

          I'm happy to say that I'm glad I did and any n00bs reading the above shoudl really read it again and digest it...

          "To do as little as possible in the long run, do as much as possible in the short run."
          - The Universe



          Bare Murkage.........

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          • Profile picture of the author clanspring
            This is a great thread. I got rid of my television. I spend my time working on my goals. Get rid of the concept of "spare" time and view time as a valuable resource. A balanced approach to recreation is important, but remember it is "re-creation." I've long had a quote of my own:

            "People have time for whatever is important to them." - Me

            Television is quite possibly the biggest contributor to an unchanged lifestyle than any other single factor. Not that I've collected statistics to back that up, but I don't doubt it.

            I really liked this quote from Jay...

            Originally Posted by JayXtreme View Post

            "To do as little as possible in the long run, do as much as possible in the short run."
            - The Universe
            How many of us buy a tube of toothpaste, only to take it home and squeeze it out and let it run down the drain, and do that over and over? Time is a much more valuable resource than toothpaste, yet we tend to let it ooze down the drain.

            WSO #1 - Pay Raise From Google
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            • Profile picture of the author Mark-Dickenson
              I would have told him to bring his lap top to the pub lol

              I think the biggest diservice to newbies is all of those sales letters with the fancy cars and promises of only having to send out one email will sitting on the beach.

              I fell for this and it set up unrealistic expectations. For example, when I set up my first NMOC site, I didn't know what I was doing...yet I made $100 in 2 weeks without doing much to the site

              So rather than being extremely happy, I moved on to another method because what I was doing "wasn't working"

              What a JACKA** I was lol

              Great post

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              • Profile picture of the author 2bwealthy
                I am always going through the same argument with people all the time. I get people who tell me they dont have time to do certain things - even outside of online stuff. So I ask, so what did you do on the weekend? get the "well, went to the movies, hung out at things house etc, sat around here and there, played video games"

                just say to them make some goals each week, book some time against it and just do it.
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                • Profile picture of the author Roy Carter
                  Thanks for the kind comments guys. Much appreciated.

                  I wrote the post because I really hope that it will be a wake up call to anyone who is making excuses to themselves about why they are not succeeding. Let's face it, we have all done that at one time or another....until we realise that we are kidding nobody but ourselves.

                  "How To Hang Out On Various Exotic Islands
                  Whilst Still Making Shed Loads Of Money...and stuff!"

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                  • Profile picture of the author AndrewCavanagh
                    Here's a story for you:

                    A guy was in his kitchen making tomato soup when his neighbor drops in and asks:
                    "Can I borrow your axe."

                    He says no.

                    When his neighbor asks why not he says:
                    "Because I'm making tomato soup."

                    His neighbor says:
                    "That doesn't make any sense. What does me borrowing your axe have to do with you making tomato soup."

                    To which he replies:
                    "One excuse is as good as another."

                    "I don't have time to make money online."

                    One excuse is as good as another.

                    Kindest regards,
                    Andrew Cavanagh
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                    • Profile picture of the author Roy Carter
                      Hi Andrew - How's it going in sunny Thailand?

                      Yep. One excuse is as good as another...until we realise that we are kidding nobody but ourselves.

                      "How To Hang Out On Various Exotic Islands
                      Whilst Still Making Shed Loads Of Money...and stuff!"

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  • Profile picture of the author Kyle Tully
    Spot on Roy.

    I've given up helping people who tell me they don't have any time.

    I know a single mom working 2 jobs and she still finds an hour or two every single day to work on her online projects. If you think you're busier than her you're kidding yourself. But she knows where her priorities are and finds the time.
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    • Profile picture of the author Rien
      That was an awesome post! It is so true. I know so many of my friends that are struggling to make ends meet. When I tell them about different ways to make some extra money online they always give me the same excuse - "I don't have the time."

      That always makes me laugh, because I still work a 9-5 and I have a two hour roundtrip commute daily. The commute alone makes me want to quit my day job. What I did was to take advantage of that time. I downloaded and converted a bunch of audio IM interviews and seminars onto my iPod and turned the commute into time for my IM education. I plug the iPod into the car stereo and my commute gets a lot more tolerable.

      Once I am done with work I head over to a cafe that has free wifi and work on my online business for a few hours and then head home. Of course I still make time for my family when I get home, but once they are in bed I am back on the computer until the morning hours.

      For now it sucks, but when I can use my paypal debit card to take my family to dinner or the movies or cash my CB check to pay some of the bills it motivates me to work harder so I can finally go full time.

      I watch maybe an hour of TV a day if I am lucky and quite honestly if there is something I want to watch really bad I just youtube it or go directly to the network's site to watch.

      If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired then you will do what it takes.

      Just my 2 cents.

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      • Profile picture of the author Congrats
        The thing with me is that I was really much more motivated when I worked then after I quit my day job, that's been since 2000.

        I thought by myself, imagine if I can put in the same hours I do for my boss for my own business I would be able to make some serious cash. Well the thing is, I'm lazy, now that I make enough I'm not so motived to work so hard. So, basically I was working harder the time I worked for my boss then for my own by a long shot, but that's just me. So, there are good things and bad things about having a job you hate ;-)
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      • Profile picture of the author sparrow
        If your going to make it you have to make it happen, period.

        Its been so long since I actually sat in front of the tube to watch anything other than sometimes the news for the weather, it amazes me how little there is to watch.

        The garbage that is being pushed onto the mindless masses amazes me.

        Well we are in this for the freedom this profession can afford us and TV is not one place I wish to spend my freedom on.

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        • Profile picture of the author Dan Briffa
          Yeah that is spot on mate.

          I to be fair hardley watch TV anymore. All my time is spent learning reading working on my projects etc.

          I hate the whingers that say they never have anymoney etc or just blame something else.. annoys me!
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          • Profile picture of the author Sarah Harvey
            To be honest time is a luxury that not everyone can afford to be honest.

            What is the difference between slaving away at a job and doing the same hours for your own business? Let me tell you - NOTHING! Let a man enjoying his drink at a pub... it's the only damn thing he could probably enjoy to be honest

            Yes, at some point you will reap the rewards (if) your business is successful, but what if it isn't? Don't get me wrong... I understand what you say, but on the other side of the spectrum look at it with different eyes. If you have a house to pay off, bills to pay every month, then some business that delivers profits after a few months, is only a dream in most people's minds.

            If you have studied business in any form, you should know it's a calculated risk that you can take, but with every businesses there can be unforeseen circumstances where it can fail or worse...land you in deep trouble with not paying bills on time etc.

            Time does come into play whether you admit it or not... only people who are religious monks in their own minds, do not spend time with families, or friends, can afford to slave away at a business.

            For the rest of us... we enjoy our down time and 'playing time.'

            I prefer to start a business at my own pace rather than slaving away at it. And if it takes time away from the people you love...well then be prepared to lose them- because THAT my FRIEND is the REAL World.

            Note- if you can afford to work at your business untill it profits, then you must have capital lying around to see you over. In real life that is how it works unfortunately...so for someone who doesn't have the money or time... it will always remain a dream.

            Good luck!

            * These are calculated views. Don't get upset by it. Most people will tell you the same thing.
            "Find the problem and provide the solution."
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            • Profile picture of the author lazavas
              i think a lot of people can relate to this post!
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              • Profile picture of the author Roy Carter
                Sarah - You don't have to have capital to tide you over if you've got a job like this guy did.

                Let him enjoy his pint in the pub you say. That's fine. I've got no problem with that. But it's no good whining and moaning that you want to make extra money and then using the time to sit in the pub! You can do that once you've made the money.

                Yes, everyone should have downtime with their families etc but you can have a damn site more downtime if you've got off your but in the first place and made an effort instead of moaning that you've got no time.

                That was my point.

                "How To Hang Out On Various Exotic Islands
                Whilst Still Making Shed Loads Of Money...and stuff!"

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  • Profile picture of the author Neil Morgan
    Great thread Roy.

    I agree with you Sarah. You need to be prepared to work at it with no guarantee of success.

    If success was guaranteed then all the "I've no time..." people WOULD find the time, I'm sure.



    Easy email marketing automation without moving your lists.

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  • Profile picture of the author WinsonYeung
    Hey i agree with you too.
    Work online for few hours cant buuld you online stream of income
    you need to do research at least !
    and after you research , u must take action to build it

    So what if you have the knowledege but u are doing nothing !
    you wont earn anything from nothing, unless the money fall from the tree
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    • Profile picture of the author countonuspr
      I can't agree more with your post. People waste a lot of time watching TV instead of actually working towards a goal of making money online. My Dad is working to make money online and he is watching less TV and spending more time on his websites. He is going to really see an improvement in his earnings soon because he is focusing. When you do spend that time online make sure it is focused on one task, and once that is done focus on the next one.
      Paul Counts, Host of the "Count On Us Internet Profits Radio Show"
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      • Profile picture of the author cashcow
        Well one things for sure - if you don't work at having your own business you never will!

        I've given up a lot of leisure time to put into learning IM and growing my business. I'm sure a lot of friends and family think I am crazy because I'm not "rich" (yet) but spend a lot of time at it. I see it differently - I see that I am investing for the future.

        I am "paying" now with long hours and will reap the rewards of financial stability and tons of more leisure time later. They have the leisure time now, but when later comes they will still be working for someone else.

        Gone Fishing
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    • Profile picture of the author Sarah Harvey
      ...and my point was simple: Some people do not have the time if you are enjoying yourself and living life.

      The reference to him enjoying his drink... sure he complains. Everyone does. Everyone wants more money and have their own business. But if you consider the fact that his drink in the pub is his time to relax away from work and he works a lot, where does it leave time for starting a business? Plus like I said, some people are unwilling to dedicate time to a business if the simple fact is: The Business CAN fail.

      People who come onto forums like this and think it's easy to start a business will have another thing coming.

      In fact 50% of all people bullshit their way through life and never achieve anything. That includes getting a degree, a job, getting married, eat, sleep, drink and make love, have kids and then die. If you asked them what interesting thing they did, they would probably launch into a discussion of either a) complaining about circumstances, or b) tell some sory that some people will look at them and go, "wow! You really did that? Fantastic!"

      Still a) Everyone complains and b) It's just a story.

      The funniest thing I ever remembered is this... I am subscribed to tons of IM 'gurus' or those who claim so.

      This one particular day I had a call from one of these 'very- well established guru's' team that asked if I would be willing to invest $5000.00 as a minimum, so much at $7000- $8000.00. I listened carefully to everything they had to say and then I politely said no thank you and hung up.

      So why would I laugh at this guru?

      For someone who claims to make X amount a year and sells tons of ebooks, courses and scripts, he is asking people to invest in a program that will make me and him rich.

      Funny thing is you never see him say anywhere that he has investors and that a large portion of his business revolves around people investing into his programs.

      So moral of the story...nothing is as easy as people make it. You have to work real hard at it. Sure if some people have the time they will do it, but for other people their free time = value that a business cannot provide. So as laughable as it seems, the guy valued his drink in the pub more than starting a business

      That was the only point I tried to make.
      "Find the problem and provide the solution."
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  • Profile picture of the author lakshaybehl
    Close all your previous doors, and new will eventually open!
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  • Profile picture of the author danette77
    Too true, building an IM business does take time, and you only get out of it what you put into it.

    I started out working just a few hours a day in the evenings after my unfulfilling "day job" at a call center and now I am a full-time internet marketer. It can be done, don't give up folks.

    Experiment with different methods, find the ones that work best for you and duplicate them over time.
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  • Profile picture of the author Chuck Underwood
    Very inspirational. Thank you for the great post.

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    • Profile picture of the author Phil Jacobson
      I like the whole idea of treating one's online business as exactly that. A business. Not a get rich quick thing or something you "have a go at". It's business and by nature that means you have to have a plan, commitment, determination, and all that stuff.

      Why Drink Coffee only?

      (Warrior Discounts)

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    • Profile picture of the author Andrew Wilkes
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      • Profile picture of the author Roy Carter
        Andrew - LOL

        Yes, but you might meet me in a pub in Cyprus and i'm not..... Oh never mind!

        "How To Hang Out On Various Exotic Islands
        Whilst Still Making Shed Loads Of Money...and stuff!"

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        • Profile picture of the author Eric Johnson
          Dave Ramsey, a financial guy on the radio that I like to listen to has a great quote about this...well his is actually about getting out of debt but it ties in.

          "Live like no-one else. So later you can live like no-one else"

          Kinda puts it into perspective for me.
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        • Profile picture of the author OnlineMasterMind
          So true. It's fascinating how humans lie to themselves, isn't it?

          "The masses of men lead....."

          Yeah, you know the quote
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          • Profile picture of the author Bruce Wedding
            The subject line of this post is excellent. If you look at the number of views it has gotten, it's really high compared to posts around it.

            The reason is, it's the beginning of a story. We love stories. And more importantly, he creates tension and invokes the The Zeigarnik effect. Basically, the subject line creates an urge to open it.

            There's a lot to learn from this... and I'm not talking about the post.
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            • Profile picture of the author Anthony J Namata
              Excuses, excuses, excuses... that's what this boils down to. Where there is a will there is way. Toss the "don't have the time" get-out clause. It's getting a bit tired that. Excellent post!.

              Author: How to Turn A Dull Article Into A BLOCKBUSTER! Blog:: http://www.blockbuster-articles.com/

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            • Profile picture of the author DennisM
              Great post!

              If you don't Incorporate yourself as a real business (S Corp, LLC, etc) then in my opinion you DON'T have a business...period

              Regardless if you're having some success online or not, it's still a hobby until you decide to treat this as a business. When you Incorporate yourself as a real business entity your mindset all of sudden changes. You start thinking "Yeah, I now have a real business, I need to step up". See, you start making yourself more accountable. Over time, you tell others you have an online business. All of a sudden, people will ask how your business is doing as opposed to possibly saying, "oh, how's your get rich quick thing going"?

              How can someone think you're serious online if you wont even invest a few hundred dollars to "create" a business entity? Even in this forum it's important. You're going to be more believable and trustworthy as an individual.

              Treat this game a real business. Not a hobby.

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              • Profile picture of the author GuruGazette
                This is an excerpt from an article I wrote years ago...

                Let's pretend that at the beginning of every single week, your bank account balance is always refreshed. It tops off at $168, every single week, and you have to budget that money to ensure that it effectively covers every single obligation, wish, and dream you have.

                Now, $168 is as high as your balance can ever go. You cannot save up anything from the week before. Your account is always at zero by the end of the week, and it can never go above $168.

                With this in mind, let's assume that your critical bills and expenses make up about 30% of that $168. 30% is roughly $50 from the budget, so you're left with $118 right? Now let's assume you have another 10-15% in misc. expenditures. That brings your total available funds to roughly $100.

                That $100 is wide open. You can choose to do whatever you want to with it. All of your critical and misc. financial obligations are fully covered.

                Remember now - that remaining $100 is almost priceless. You cannot keep it. If you put it away for a rainy day, it will disappear at the beginning of the next week. So you have to spend it, and chances are you'll want to spend it wisely right?

                If you had to face this scenario each and every week, do you think you'd begin to sit down and carefully plan how you'll maximize every single extra penny you have that week? Do you think you'll begin to appreciate that money, and what you can do with it before it disappears? If you were to let it sit and waste... disappear the next week... do you think you'd regret that and take steps the following week to make sure it never happened again?

                If you haven't figured this out yet, that $168 you're limited to every single week is actually 168 hours.
                - 8 hours sleep each night (56 hours) = 112
                - 40 hours work each week = 72
                - 2 hrs/day misc (shower, eating, commute, etc) = 58
                - 2 hrs/day family & household stuff = 44
                - 2 hrs/day wasting time @ "pubs" or otherwise = 30

                Hell you could even waste as much as 5 hours a day and STILL have 9 hours free each week.

                Personally, I try not to look at things on a daily basis. It seems like one day just isn't long enough to get everything crammed in. Looking at it from a weekly basis though, shows you just how much time there truely is available for pretty much whatever you want
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                • Profile picture of the author macnesa23
                  coming from a noob this article stresses the art of practice and dedication ....i am going to try my best then try harder

                  thanks for the uplifting post
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