Does Trial Offer = More Sales?

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For my debut post... a noob question:

I will be promoting a Clickbank product that sells for $77 but a 3-week trial is offered for $1. It seems like a no-brainer to promote the trial - more people are likely to check it out and, if the product is good, to buy it.

On the other hand, I'm thinking maybe this would just attract a bunch of tire-kickers who aren't really serious and could abuse the offer by a quick stop-payment request.

Anyone have any experience in this area? Thanks in advance.
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    Well you are correct, you will get people who just join up for the 3 weeks and then cancel. But if you truly have a great product, you will also catch and keep a lot more of your actual target prospect.
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    A lot of people are bad at remembering or following up. I'm guilty of that on many, many occasions. Free trial conversions I can't speak to personally, although my opinion would be bad. For paid trials, though, I am definitely one of those people that would pay off for, and I'm not alone.

    I'd go for the trial, personally.

    Beginning Marketer

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    A trial offer will definitely attract "tire kickers" as you put it (I love that) but as long as the product is worthy it will also attract people who will also be willing to pay the full price. I say go for it.
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    I ran an experiment similar to this, I offered $1 "try before you buy", where they access the entire course immediately, then I automatically collected the full amount ($30) a week later.

    Roughly around 80% of people continued to pay the full amount, and 20% cancelling within minutes. Those who cancelled within minutes were not added to my list.

    The great thing about this is it allowed me to quickly build a list of honest people who although they didn't have to pay, felt my stuff was worth the money - and as a result about 15% of the list purchased my next product on the first mailing, without any warm up emails.

    Test it for yourself though because you might have different results.
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    I'd go for it, although the 3-week trial period is a long time. I do not think all of them will go for the trial only, some will stick with it...So, you do not have something to loose.
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    It will definitely help conversions, but you will get alot of requests to stop the trial. Professional refunders do this all the time. That's why Clickbank needs to implement a method to ban certain countries from buying your Clickbank products. Paydotcom allows this... but if you want to get "jiggy" with it... buy Adrian Ling's EasyClickMate.
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    Yes they do help conversions. I run a $1 trial for 14 days and it does work very well. Once they get in, they tend to stay. You do get tirekickers, but they identify themselves immediately by cancelling within 2 minutes of joining. It's good on a coaching site because you know who is not serious and who is based on that.

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