Internet Marketing Trivia!: Who Invented The Squeeze Page?

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Go ahead and take a guess!

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    Originally Posted by Jeff Hope View Post

    I thought it was Jonathan Mizel...
    Jonathan Mizel and a person on this list.

    That's what my sources say anyway.
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    Here's a bonus question... Which marketer on this list invented PPC?
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      i thought it was CPA network..... am I wrong???
      God bless us all!
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    Mark Joyner.

    John Reese invented product launch envy
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    I thought it was Jonathan too. I'd say Mark Joyner then.

    However, they might say "We didn't invent it - We simply borrowed it from offline world".

    Whomever it may be, it's remarkable for that person to be considered as the inventor of such method. He must have done a great job, explaining the concept and allowing the rest of the community to think about him when it comes to Squeeze page. That's really awesome.

    So Jason are you going to tell us who?
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    Jonathan Mizel
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    Nope it was Allan Gardyne, in 1996
    Joseph L Squeeze, founder and publisher of the Kelmar Times, created the newspaper that on its first page was open to readers to read about all the information going on in his community, this page was open and accessible in his custom made vending machine for his news paper, only after the reader placed his coins into the machine, was the reader able to read the complete contents of the article.

    This system was later adapted by the New York film industry with the concept of a "preview", The silent films would be projected on a transparent wall outside the theater, and allow the patrons to view a portion of the excitement of the films, and leading them to invest their nickels to observer the film, The term Movie wasn't in the nations dialog until the boom days of early Hollywood, as a unflattering term describing the workers in the film industry and not the films themselves.

    This concept was adapted by CompuServe, with what at the time was called a "splash screen" this splash screen concept would offer the online computer user a brief look of the content prior to paying for access to the special additional fee areas of the network.

    With the development of the world wide web, E, Joseph Cossman of plastic ant farm fame, and the creator of the shrunken head craze in California in the late 1960's developed a lead generation system that was a full text of a sales letter, and instead of asking for a payment, asked for the recipients name and contact information.

    This system was enhanced by Clay Cotton, who adapted the concept and determined that if someone verified their information was correct, this information was more likely to be purchased with a series of regularly spaced letters.

    Clay Cotton and Mike Enlow used this system to create the worlds first automated marketing system, that used fax, voice and electronic communications to promote product by using Joint Ventures.

    Allan Gardyne, is believed to be the first person to use this method for newsletter subscriptions.

    Although its widely understood that Jonathan Mizel is not the creator of the concept nor the first to implement the method, he trademarked the term thus making him the inventor of the term, not the method.
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    My sources say...

    *Jonathan Mizel AND John Reese invented the squeeze page.

    *BONUS: Mark Joyner invented PPC.
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    None of the above. I have often heard that Eben Pagan invented the concept, or at least made it mainstream and viable.
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    I believe Allan Gardyne invented the squeeze page concept, but it was not called a squeeze page,

    In 2002 I created a generator that created what I called capture pages.

    I believe in early 2004 Jonathan Mizel coined the word squeeze. From then on the term Squeeze Pages became the standard.

    This is how I remember this happening.

    Best regards,
    Steve Yakim
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    First thought was that it was Dean Jackson, but I'm now sure i'm mistaken given the responses. I'm sure i've heard his name get dropped as the inventor of something...
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  • Dean Jackson
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    None of them or as far as I can tell anyone mentioned in this thread. A squeeze page is just a "page" with a form to collect data from the user. So it was the programmers and coders who came up with web forms that "invented" the squeeze page not any internet marketer. they merely adopted web forms to marketing

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      I'm going with the people that talk about forms and I could be wrong, but I remember seeing these way way back in the BBS days.
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