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Hello Warriors!

I need some advice on where to start in order to begin making money online.

First of all I am a noob and I have been buying WSO's and gathering info from the forum for a year or so. Consequently, I now suffer from the dreaded "information overload".

However, during this time I have been saving some cash. So my question is with $2500+ start up and $250 a month for expenses, what would be the best route to start on my quest to earn job replacing income?

I dont expect it to happen overnight and I am willing to work for it, just need a push in the right direction.

I find the "offline" and "adsense" niches very intriguing but I am willing to go any route and would like to hear any and all advice. Thank you all in advance.
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    a great start would be to create some adsense affiliate sites and maybe add some amazon too

    this is one of the most popular methods to start creating an income online then once you get more experienced you can start creating your own products and building lists

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    First of all, welcome. I am relatively new, havin started early December of 2011 and moving into my 6th month of IM. If I were starting over today, I would focus on building lists and creating products, such as Kindle E-books or providing a service with a membership site or providing a service on Fiverr. I am finding it is harder and harder to create websites within a Niche to satisfy Googles requirments and driving traffic to make any money. You have aliot saved which is great. DON'T blow it on buying WSO after WSO. Find something you want to do and FOCUS on it..
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      There are so many things you can do to make money online.

      I am still new too, but I have started...

      I spent money on two things, a coach and a good keyword tool. Chris Farrell and Market Samurai.

      I am still in the learning process, but my direction is this:

      I researched the three, wealth and lifestyle and settled on a sub niche, anxiety to be exact. I found a keyword related to anxiety that has good traffic and low competition. I did this through Market Samurai and am now in the process of building a site.

      This is where I have stalled a bit. I am trying to use wordpress and have discovered that it is a little harder than I thought. But, I am working through it and once I get over this small hurdle I should be off and running.

      My website is basically going to be a content rich website that will use a semi-squeeze page. I plan on building a list and offering free info to my subscribers and then eventually I plan to sell to them. I am going to use Aweber to handle my list....this will be another cost.

      Once I get my site up, the plan is to continue to add content, build links, build my list and use alternative methods to drive traffic to it. Once I get that down....I'm going to build another site, rinse and repeat.

      That is my grand plan in a nutshell.

      Good luck, I hope whatever you settle on you are successful.
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      I did start out with adsense as well and have been doing it for years now, lot of people say that it is one of the worst methods of making money online but I do like it as it is very easy and very passive. When I say easy I don't mean easy money but it is easy to get started and risk factor is quite low as well. Certainly do not try forex trading.
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        I know you said you had already purchased a lot of WSO's, but you might consider searching for Adsense100K Blueprint on the WSO forum. It seems to have pretty good reviews and claims to be updated recently.
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    I personally wouldnt spend the $2500 on marketing. I would set up a blog, and build a following.... with adsense and affiliate products (or your own products) on the blog also.
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      Originally Posted by Randall Magwood View Post

      I personally wouldnt spend the $2500 on marketing. I would set up a blog, and build a following.... with adsense and affiliate products (or your own products) on the blog also.
      I am newbie too .. I will choose this method .. Because it is quite risk free ..
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    There are three simple steps to making money online:

    1) The first way to make money online is to find a profitable niche, I recommend you use to find your profitable niche, is very simple to find niches just search for a headline from a title or a certain topic and see what interest you the most.

    2) Next, you will want to build a list of people interested in your niche.

    3) Finally, market related products to your list.

    I hope this helps you

    To your success,

    Adan Guzman
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    I would say get into facebook applications..

    If your app goes viral, you will have the details of every person who allowed your app in your database inside your hosting panel.

    This is actually your list.
    Accordingly U can send them mails about clickbank products with your id on, so that when one purchases that stuff, you get paid.

    You can buy a High rank domain like a PR3 and then work on that website and flip it for $5000 easily after 3 months!!
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      You see the thing with questions like these is that the answers you get will only give you more information overload.

      For example, before I make this post, there are a few posters above which suggest some methods that you can use to make money online. They will all work but you are still the same place you were at before you ask the question because you still don't know where to start or who to listen to.

      What do I suggest?

      Clear your head for a bit. Probably even take a break from the PC for a couple hours and forget about IM for a while. Then come back fresh.

      Now do your own research and look for some methods that people are using to make money online.

      Affiliate Marketing
      Etc etc

      Then make a list of them and see which you are more capable to do and which you would enjoy doing the most. Don't worry about the money just yet. Focus on perfecting the method and doing the best you can to make it work. Once you enjoy it, it wont feel like work and then you'll do it more often and then the money will come.

      Now you will have road blocks along the way. That's how you know you are doing something right. But if and when that happens, at that time you will have more SPECIFIC questions to ask to get specific answers that can propel you to success much faster.

      I surely hope this helps.

      Best Regards.
      FREE Step-By-Step Blueprint To Make $1000/Month With YouTube - Even Without Being On Camera!
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    Here's a solid LONG-TERM strategy:

    1. Find an evergreen niche and create an authority blog

    2. Take $2500 and buy solo mailings to your free optin, have a good OTO on the backend to help recoup some of the costs and then rinse/repeat.

    3. As your list grows start solo swapping (build a relationship with your list FIRST & don't overdo it)

    4. Once you have a HUGE list of loyal fans start creating & promoting your own products.

    5. As for the $200 monthly investment, keep it in your pocket
    There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs
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      Originally Posted by dennis09 View Post

      Here's a solid LONG-TERM strategy:

      1. Find an evergreen niche and create an authority blog

      2. Take $2500 and buy solo mailings to your free optin, have a good OTO on the backend to help recoup some of the costs and then rinse/repeat.

      3. As your list grows start solo swapping (build a relationship with your list FIRST & don't overdo it)

      4. Once you have a HUGE list of loyal fans start creating & promoting your own products.

      5. As for the $200 monthly investment, keep it in your pocket

      I just was going to recommend pretty much the very same steps that you pointed out.

      Really man, this is the way to go....

      This is most real Low Hanging System Review you'll find online!
      Best Low Hanging System Bonus

      Wanna build an e-commerce business selling your products on Amazon...
      Mug Samurai: Low Hanging System AUTOMATED!
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      Affiliate based for sure or lead referral for high end services, but I'd start with a niche you have knowledge in (more than most people). Almost any area of interest or experience can be used to platform into offering products and opportunities. There is a product or service for everything. It may not be where you make the most money in your online future, but it will most likely be the easiest when starting. Plus your site will have more of a chance to rank well if you have a working knowledge of the topic and can write strong text content around the products.

      Adsense is great and I do well with it, but a new site will make peanuts on clicks. Adsense is where I expect to earn the least on a new site and many times it is not a good idea when looking to hit the ground hard with new stuff. In the end, you are sending people away from your site for a few cents.
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    I have good results using a WordPress blog (it's free except for hosting and a domain name)
    I would suggest building an authority blog in a niche you know something about. You can even load it with affiliate links and Amazon links. Good luck wish you success!
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    There are so many options out there but I would do your due diligence and narrow down what other people have succeeded with doing - and then pick one that suits you the most. It doesn't happen overnight, and you'll have to put plenty of hard work into it to see results

    good luck!

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    hey mr4069,

    Its a hard thing to start with something, because with little knowledge, there is no evidence that it'll work. Therefore, I think the best thing you could "start" with is getting a mentor. All this tips about making money are great, but I think they won't help that much. Most marketers don't realize (or forget to explain) that the first mistake you could make is starting off with learning the monetization method. There are dozens of these, but only a handful are really profitable in certain niches.

    If you want, I could mentor you for free. My friends are already sick of me talking all the time about IM, therefore its a good variation to talk to someone who is actually interested in my jabbering haha.

    Just drop me a message on my warrior profile page with your email and I'll send you my skype/msn address to chat.

    best regards,
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    You have to start learning to build a list for long term IM success.
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    To start to begin making money online, you need to STOP thinking about making money online and think about providing value to other people first..

    It's all about building relationships with your following, giving them a ton of great content for free then once you have a list of hungry rabid followers, you provide them with your paid information products that you have personally & painstakingly made..

    Provide value first and the money will follow.
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    Lots of good points already mentioned. But again, please be careful with this beginning stage. You know there are tons of ways, techniques and methods...tons of niches, tons to learn...overwhelm is around the corner again very easily...

    Consider yourself lucky that you are at the beginning, because you now have the "opportunity" to skip a lot of IM nonsense that many people, myself included, go for. Buying too many wsos, hopping from one technique or method to the other, lots of stuff. you want to do online marketing, or do you feel more comfortable with working with small businesses and helping them (offline marketing)?

    If it's online, I would focus on 1 market/niche, and build a business, not "money making techniques". So one route would be this one:

    Choose a profitable market/niche (ideally one that you know something about or enjoy), also a market that has a lot of people searching for solutions or products etc. (check it with Google keyword tool).

    Once you have your market chosen, build, or buy, an authority site. Don't focus on a small little site to make some quick cash...I would go for a good quality site that I can put my whole focus in, and update it regularly with relevant content or news.

    Yes, build a list. Decide what the main problems are in your market, and somehow offer some of value that relates to solving some of these problems in your niche, for free in return for an email.

    Create a facebook fanpage together with your niche, and update that regularly too.

    Now that you have chosen a market, have a site with good varied content (not too much PLR, have unique content on there too, and keep it fresh and updated), and your optin page is getting subscribers...wait before any monetization until a month or so...

    Google will see your site as valuable, not a thin affiliate site, as you are offering good content, videos, articles, news etc. After a month you could start monetizing your site with adsense, affiliate product banners, in text links, or, if you get really good traffic, you can sell advertising space.

    Now you have something that is moving forward. Yes, there is the whole seo/backlinking game to think about, and you may want to outsource that to avoid going insane

    But as one person already said...I would also start thinking about solo ads, and getting people on your list asap....

    The picture I would have in mind would be a very good authority site that gets lots of traffic + a fanpage that is getting are sharing good stuff with folks, asking them to contribute (vote, comment, share)...AND you have a list which you can provide value to..and do promotions to as well.

    You are now enjoying the process of interaction, sharing, adding content, being part of that community...and you are making money.

    You can successfully avoided hopping from one fast-cash thing to the other! Congrats
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    There are lots of warriors here offering good advice, and this is sometiems the problem, not the warriors, or for that matter their advice.

    Information overload, this and procrastination kill aspiring internet marketers businesses quicker than they can say how do I make money online.

    My advice is do some due dilligence, and get yourself a mentor, someone who has been in the trenches, and can give you the lowdown on what works and what does not, then stick to what they tell you.

    If you cannot afford a mentor, then my advice is to follow denis09's advice, that way you will still start to see results in the fullness of time.

    Do not under any circumstances though think that IM is easy, as it is not. Like any other business, you need to treat it like a business, and be prepared to put in the hours needed to learn, and earn.

    Hope you make a success of your business.

    Paul Power.
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      Thank you all for the great advice. I think the bottom line is to find an evergreen niche (preferably that I have knowledge of) and then build authority site which brings value to the customer. Build a list and worry about monetization later. Thanks again guys.
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    i think you can start from here...find some hot niche from hot sellers or hot products, specially from WSO section, and make the some products related to the niche. make some value to your product, and will know that you can get money fast from that program...

    good luck!
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    I personally recommend doing a little research on paid techniques (CPA, PPC, PPV, etc) and find a couple really good courses / mentors (not just crap that some people put out) and start putting some of that money in to getting paid traffic either to your own landing page or direct linking with ppv etc. Paid traffic is extremely lucrative and since you have money to start with, you can afford to go the paid route and see results WAY QUICKER than with free traffic.

    Just be careful, you need to be knowledgeable and find a good blueprint or course to get your started, otherwise you will likely just throw your money away.
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    I would start with something you know well or are very interested in, and then look at the methods of monetization. For instance, you know have a fetish for stinkbugs, you could start a blog, build a list, create an information product, do a webinar, start a mastermind, create an "offline business".....the list goes on. So maybe do a brain audit of what you know and what you are interested in and then look at the ways to monetize that knowledge already in your head. That said, if you have can start out the right way and look to outsource some of the "skills" like SEO, Website building, and just focus on becoming the expert in your niche.

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    Hello there,

    There are 4 simple steps, every successful marketer is following online.

    1. Create an online presence

    2. Create a product

    3. Drive traffic to your product

    4. Repeat 2 & 3

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    I agree with making sure you don't focus too much on the making money aspect of affiliate marketing. That will eventually come, but it starts with providing something that the public wants. That's great that you have a start-up amount to invest, plus a substantial income for investing. You should do well, because you have enough funds for content creation and promotion. Good for you!
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    To be honest, there are a lot of decent answers above, however what a few have missed out on mentioning is that it really does depend on YOU.

    If you want to be an affiliate then start there, however if you want to make money via product creation then pursue that.

    There really is no right or wrong way to start making money online, the only thing there really is, is the opportunity to in fact make that money.

    So with that said, go ahead and think about what you want to do, how you want to do it and then pursue the heck out of it buddy!


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    Hi...I have been trying to build my business now for over 2 years. Only in the last month have I seen some progress. The best thing I did was join a coaching program with a well known internet marketer and at last I can see results. I have started reporting my progress on my blog so that newbies can see where NOT to go wrong. List building is so important and I wish I had concentrated on this 2 years ago. I am now building a list using free traffic and following a proven system.
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    I like the pick niche, solo ads, ad swaps method outlined up above.

    I do not think $2500 worth of ads is required. That seems way too much to me personally, especially for someone new to IM.

    However just doing a blog on it's own is a slow road to failure IMHO.

    I'd add the steps of creating a lead magnet, signature links, and even creating a free wso. With all of these you can build a nice sized list in no time.

    If you engage with your list properly, providing solid, quality information ... and not SELLING every day.. your can do quite well.

    I outline all the steps in my *50 Names a Day Plan" in my signature.
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    It will be good to start with fiverr, adsense and amazon
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    I think the obvious ones (obvious to me) are the best and I think they are mentioned above

    Start with Affiliate Marketing and drive traffic to a offer that converts (not any old offer). Once you can do this and have a few sales the best way to make money in my view is to create your own product. Then drive traffic to this, start an affilaite program and move onto JV partners
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    Great advice from many folks here.

    Only problem is: everyone's coming at it from their perspective, not yours. Only you can decide the best approach.

    But here's something that has helped me greatly.

    Tony Robbins, in many of his books and materials, talks about the "Ultimate Success Formula."
    1. Decide what you want.
    2. Take action.
    3. Notice waht is working and what isn't.
    4. Change your approach until you get what you want.

    Most warriors are going to read many WSOs and never make a dime online. But there are many people making a handsome living online - in countless ways.

    What I would do next is: think about all the information you have. Which one excites you? Which one makes you think, "I can do that! I bet that'll work, too!" Read that information again, make a plan, and stick to the plan. Take the first step, even if it's a small one. Take that step, and then plan when you're going to take the next one. Sounds like you don't need any ideas. You know what you want. Take action. Feedback, momentum and progress comes from moving forward - even if you screw up, you'll change your approach and continue moving forward. Most warriors think reading WSOs is "moving forward."

    Take the first step today. Follow Tony Robbins' formula. It really is that simple.

    Go for it!
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    Pick a system that is widely talked about, and which is really easy to profit from, such as AdSense, and try it in practice. While it's a good idea to invest in a domain and hosting, I suggest you don't spend more than that initially, until you've tried a simple system and found out what happens in practice.

    Don't pick some "magick formula" that only one person is selling, because, to be honest, many of the systems sold in IM are not real systems and won't make a penny, so much better to start off with something that hundreds of people are saying definitely works, such as AdSense. Amazon is a great way of earning money too, although slightly more skill and understanding required to make it work well, compared to AdSense, so maybe better as a second IM system to work with, rather than a first.

    Most of all, take action, test things for yourself, and don't spend more money than a domain and hosting and maybe some content (see my Sig!), and TAKE ACTION. That's by far the best way to learn. If you are suffering from info-overload, as you say, you need more reality and not more theory.

    So, DO something today. AdSense can even be started for free, so you'll learn more from doing that, than buying more courses on more complex or little-known systems.

    Unusual opportunity! CPA type offer (no selling), commissions $1k to $300k each time, in-person (US), phone or online. Click here for more details.
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