Hosting company recommendations?

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Today, I had to start all theme "woo themes premium news" was being used. I had been officially with bluehost for 5 months I think and the site loaded great until today. I got a "Server Error". Talked to a rep and wiped my website out..

I took a huge hit..then told myself, okay lets load another "woo theme" and start from scratch again.. ironically 5 mins later loading another theme for wp it displays all funky. 5 minutes later "hit refresh tab" and I get a "server error" message again.

I`m realizing that it may be a "hosting problem" and these themes had all updated framework etc.
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    Hmm, I've used Hostgator for quite some time and it's been ok so far.

    I wonder if it's a web wide problem.

    Always back your stuff up if you can.
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      Originally Posted by seanicasia View Post

      Hmm, I've used Hostgator for quite some time and it's been ok so far.

      I wonder if it's a web wide problem.

      Always back your stuff up if you can.
      HostGator is great. I use them also.

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    Hi James,

    I have sent you a PM regarding some of your requirements.

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    I have accounts with both Blue Host And Hostgator. Haven't had any problems with Blue Host so far. Hostgator has excellent tech support. I have had to use them on a couple of occasions and have always had good results. They usually answer really fast.

    Over the years I have had accounts with many hosting companies. For the most part they have all been good.

    Hope you can get your problem straightened out. You might also want to consider contacting support for the Woo themes as well.

    Good luck and much success.

    Gene Ilten

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    I used Blue Host in the past but honestly Hostgator is miles ahead in terms of pure customer service.
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      I too have been using hostgator and what I love is the amazing customer support that they offer. They are really helpful especially if you are not a techy guy. I was using a host before which was total XXXX to say the least and since I have switched to hostgator I haven't had any major problems.
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    I've been using now for quite some time and have absolutely zero problems. Everything has been flawless.
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      I've used Hostgator for more than 5 years now without a single problem. It's support is awesome.

      Now, if you want go VPS, I strongly recommend, a service from LiquidWeb. I've been using it for a year and a half now and it's GREAT.


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    Bluehost- Reliable
    Hostgator- awesome support
    Hostable- Good pricing but Poor support!!!

    All the best in your decision!!
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    Bluehost and hostgator
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    I'm using inmotionhosting and damned, their support is just TOP-NOTCH. I never had better support for any service I ever paid for. You just need to open the chat, and you get a professional (someone, who REALLY knows a lot) instantly to help you.

    I found out about inmotionhosting from Best Web Hosting Companies &ndash; Top 10 Website Hosts 2012

    best regards,

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    Hey, I really Recommend Hostgator, and I think that most marketers will also recommend it. I really think its their awesome customer service that is Bar None... I really do love it... Maybe it is a little server issue. Sometimes the most unusual problems are caused by the simplest thing. Trace your steps back. Did you install something new that could have caused it?

    Hope this helps.


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    Hostgator - they have great customer support as well, answering back very, very fast and fixing all the problems I had or answering all my questions!
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    People fail to realize there's a search button at the top for a reason....

    but once again, I say HostGator
    If you don't change direction, you'll end up where you're going.
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      Must agree with Tatw Whatever you do do not use godaddy, nothing seems to work on their platform and their support sucks.

      I've used a few including Hostgator who wasn't bad but I found to restrictive.

      but I changed to Lunapages shared hosting from hostgator's and all the scripts i wanted to run where not restricted and I have to say I've used them for 4 years and i can honestly say Only had one problem in that time when a plugin went berserk and caused problems. but instead of just shutting all my websites down they transferred it to a development server and contacted us and asked us to sort it, and with there help we did and they then transferred us back to the production server, but all the time our websites where live. Most in that situation they just shut you down.

      There support is excellent and usually when we have used it they have replied within 3 to 5 hours

      i also used to use Hostnine reseller hosting for about a year and can say never had a problem until our ecommerce stores outgrew the hosting have now changed to H9's VPS for last year. but have to say the downtime hasn't been up to standard but they seem to have it sorted now, But their Support response time is awesome as you get a reply to your support ticket normally within 5 minutes and the longest I think I've waited is about 10 min.
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  • I have bean using Hostgator for two years now. I agree with the others. Great support.Also have not had any problems.
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    Hostgator hands down for me.

    What i like best about them is their excellent technical & customer support.

    And the people are polite & patient especially if you are a newbie.
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    I use HostGator and BlueHost. Both are awesome and their customer support is great too.
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    Personally I recommend Hostgator for any king of sites. They provide the greatest support when we have a problem.

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    I would personally recommend that you choose Hostgator, excellent customer service and very low prices for what they have to offer you. I recommend that you choose the 'baby package'.
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    Originally Posted by TATW View Post

    Personally I wouldn't go with any hosting company that promises unlimited hosting traffic or anything unlimited whatsoever. No such things exist.
    Just throwing it out there, I was with Hostgator when they went to unlimited bandwidth/storage.

    They were really up front about it. They also know that its not a true reality. In a sense, its true, since you could (if you keep with their TOS) continue to scale nearly indefinitely.

    The portion people don't usually consider, though, is that for shared hosting - you NEVER run out of bandwidth OR storage...before you cap your cpu/memory resources. Those are the REAL limits for shared hosting.

    Hostgator simply put things unlimited to compete with others. They were pretty up front about it. I doubt anyone has ever hit limits on the things they say are unlimited - they simply hit other limits first.

    As for the topic at hand - I switched to Hostgator a few years ago from another host. It was night and day. I've never had any real downtime with Hostgator at all, and I used to have to submit tickets every month or so to my old host to get my site back online. Can't say enough good things.

    Beginning Marketer

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    • Hi James, that's sad they deleted all.
      That's why it's fundamental to do backups.

      Anyway, my favorite hosting, after I tried all, is Hostgator.
      They have all what you need for running everything, like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, and a lot of other things. It supported everything I launched.

      While other famous hosting companies, also famous, had not reached the high standards of Hostgator.
      So go for it and buy a Baby account to host unlimited websites.

      See you soon,
      Alessandro Zamboni
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    i use Hostgator for my hosting, and i have no problem till now. I highly recommend you to use Hostgator also. hope your problem will be solved..
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    I love love love hostgator and I've also tried godaddy but hostgator is simple to use and budget friendly.
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    You can use hostgator

    Warrior Forum Programmer

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    Yes! HostGator is the right choice. I have asked many people and survey around when I just started out in Internet Marketing last time and I have came to the conclusion that HostGator is the best.

    Personally, I love their live chat support! Same goes to Namecheap!

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    I use both GoDaddy for my wood product store and HostGator for my blog. I like HoastGator the best because of its CPanel, It's easy to use and you can load WordPress. They both have good customer service, but GoDaddy tech support won't help you with coding problems but HostGator will.
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    I've used bluehost and never had any problems but I would go with hostgator
    over any other hosting company i've used. HostGator all the way.
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    Go with HostTheName, they have got the cheapest price and awesome customer service. They are the top hosting company on warrior forum and they also have a WSO, you can use the search feature and look for hostthename's WSO.
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      Originally Posted by iuditg View Post

      Go with HostTheName, they have got the cheapest price and awesome customer service. They are the top hosting company on warrior forum and they also have a WSO, you can use the search feature and look for hostthename's WSO.
      I'd check the posting on Host the Name and except for the price I certainly would not use them again. My sites have been down for 48 hours and counting and support will not/ cannot give an answer as to when things will be fixed.

      Not the first time either.

      I also have an account with HostGator and I am truly sorry I moved half of my domains over to Host the Name.
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    BlueHost - if you need help click live chat they're great
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    Its Hostgator for me the customer service has been excellent, solved all my hostings issues, highly recommend
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