1st Page On Google But No Sales?

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I don't know what's going on with my sites. I've got a few blogs that I've managed to get to the 1st page of google. But I'm not getting any affiliate sales (clickbank products) nor any adsense clicks? ONe of the sites is even on the 1st postition! What's going on? I'm promoting some pretty popular, high gravity CB products. Even if that doesn't convert, at least I should get a few adsense clicks right?

Is this just me? ANy advice here?
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    Are you actually getting traffic to your site?
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    Do you see any ads on a side of Google for these keywords?
    If not - than these keywords might not be the right ones to struggle for.

    If yes, then your website might have some distracting/negative element to it that repel potential customer?

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      check ur traffic, is it targeted traffic??? and analyst back ur layout and ads layout along with the aff link, make them a part of ur page.. don't make them as ADS.
      God bless us all!
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    Can we see one of them to give you a better idea?
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    I did my keyword search from Google keyword tool. It is quite a highly searched term. I am getting traffic to the site... I am wondering if it would be better for me to change to adsense instead of clickbank products. I know adsense clicks are pennies but at least there is revenue while clickbank sales seems to be plummeting VERY dramatically, even on my conduit review sites.

    Anyone else having this issue?
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    Even if you're getting a good amount of traffic to your page, that doesn't necessarily mean they're clicking on your affiliate link(s).

    Are you taking it a step further to discover if they're even clicking on your affiliate links?

    Have you used your CB Analytics to reveal just exactly how many times your HOP link via CB is actually being clicked on? Because even if you're getting a ton of visitors to your page every day, you will still not have any conversions if they're not visiting the sales page to begin with (clicking on your CB HOP link).

    This is just a crumb of the cookie, of course. But each crumb contributes to making the cookie (sale).
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    Another option is to give something away such as a free report or a mini email course. See if you can get signups to an autoresponder list.
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      What's your url? Maybe someone can help you if he can see your page.
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    Tony's idea might help if you can collect your visitor's email addresses you can increase the probability of a sale with future follow ups.

    As for your site, maybe the layout is a problem? Have you tried split testing different layouts, headlines, link locations etc?
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    Yep, ranking doesn't mean shit, it's traffic that matters, get analytics's on there and see what's actually happening.
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      yes i'm curious, can you gave me you url?

      lil'bit strange to me

      I hope i can help
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    I agree that you really need to put Google Analytics to work and figure out what's happening to the traffic once it hits your page. You need to track the percentage of people clicking through to your affiliate link, and tie that in to your number of (eventual) sales. If you are getting traffic, but no hops, it's a problem with your page. I would try to rework it and make it more compelling. Also, make sure that your page lines up with what people are searching for in Google. Everything has to be aligned for the process to work well.
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    Hi Choying, if you give me a PM with URL and keyword your going after, I can take a look and give you a summary of issues...

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    hey dude just check how much traffic u getting on your site
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  • If you are actually getting traffic, chances are it's because your site is not setup correctly.

    If you are not getting traffic, then its likely because you have picked a niche with very little traffic.

    Without seeing your site or knowing your niche it's hard to diagnose the problem....
    "The successful man is the one who finds out what is the matter with his business before his competitors do"
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    Its all about targetted traffic baby ...

    I would Adsense on not instead of but as well as ... but thats me
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    it sounds like lack of traffic.. are you sure you are getting traffic, or are you just assuming?

    This COULD be what you are experiencing (it's happened to me plenty of times):
    1) person does KW research on google keyword tool, but only uses broad match.
    2) person builds site and ranks for that KW phrase only - exact match. They never try various permutations of the phrase and discover they aren't showing up at all. hence, they don't get a fraction of the traffic they thought they would.


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    Jason's point is a good one. Make sure people are searching the match you are trying to rank for. If you are optimized for an exact match keyword, keep in mind most people search using broad match. Are you optimized for broad match as well?
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      how many visitors a day are you getting and how many hops are you getting?

      Answer those 2 questions and you''ll get more helpful advice.
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    Is your sales copy good enough?
    Are you getting any hits?
    Are there actually buyers in your niche?
    Check technical stuff, may be you have missed or did something wrong.
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    Check your sales copy and seo then make sure your keyword is a money word with lots of searches
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      personally i find google keyword tools search volume numbers extremely unreliable,

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    It might have something to do with your website. you can pm me your site if you want and I'll offer my own personal feedback

    "$100 On eBay with just 10 Minutes Work! {120+ copies SOLD}"

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      It sounds to me like you have the wrong goal. Your primary focus was to get on page 1 of Google and expected sales to follow.

      What your goal should be is too drive targeted traffic to your website, being on page 1 of Google is just one component of this.
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    Yeah, you gotta share your URL--I'm curious. Front page on Google is cool, but that's only one thing. I'd want to see your bonuses.

    Only my view, but--I don't stress the product to much on pre-sell pages! What? Really--most of my visitors already know what the product is. And many have already see the publishers pitch page. What a large percentage of visitors are looking for are what kind of bonus you are giving away.

    And--it's not really the affiliate marketer's job to sell the product. That's the publishers job. You job is to get them to that page. You have to give them a reason to order through YOUR link.

    I don't want to step on toes here because I know a lot of WSOs sell PLR stuff. But when I go to a review page and I see nothing for bonuses but a dozen PLR ebooks that were obtained for next to nothing, and the promoter then says these bonuses would retail for $1,950 but you get them free when you order through my link--well, I'm just not that stupid and most other people aren't either.

    One or two very good value bonuses of great value will sell more than a shitwack of junk ones--trust me!

    Still--what's your URL dude?

    I'll help you create a reputation-building evergreen product in any niche and launch it successfully!
    Check it out here.

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    A lot of advice in this thread seems appropriate.

    Though the major point to emphasize here is that a very good google ranking is only half the story when selling.

    I've personally had pages which became top of millions of result sets and just like you, I didnt made any sale...

    I've observed that another factor to consider when expecting a good conversion is how good your articles are in terms of pre-selling.

    Of course it's you should still make the articles informative but you must also remember, you are here not only to write informative texts but also to sell..

    Practice your persuation techniques and be sure you are able to bring it out in your write ups, articles or what have you...


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    Some great advice so far, I would think that even if you're getting a good amount of traffic to your page, that wouldn't necessarily translate to clicks on your affiliate links. A really good tool for tracking your clicks is CB Analytics, this can show you how many times your affliate link has been clicked on! Tracking the conversions to your affliate links is a great way to start, its a good start! Hope this helps!
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