How should I promote my squeeze page?

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So I'm just starting out as an affiliate and wanted some ideas on how I should promote my squeeze page. Any good ideas?
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    Really it all depends on your budget and rather or not you you a back end funnel in place. If you don't then build one and use paid traffic sources, like solo ads and pay per click. If you don't want to create a back end then stick to free methods, which will be determined by what niche you are in.

    The more popular a niches become, traffic sources like article marketing and seo isn't going to work to well.

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    Concentrate on the following: Soloads, Adswaps and Launching 100% commission wsos.

    I started by buying cheap soloads from reputable vendors. I found some of these offers on the safe-swap website as well this forum. A soload is simply an endorsement of your product by someone else who already owns a big list, in exchange for a fee. Some of them can actually send you up to 3000 targeted people, and if your offer is great, you can easily get a list of 1200 – 1500 people overnight. And if you’ve added one-time offers, you’ll recover some of your costs instantly. I highly recommend this step for everyone wishing to fasttrack his success.

    Then I did Adswaps with this list. Having built a list with your soloads, you should now exchange email endorsements with other marketers looking to build their lists. This way, you could send 100 – 200 people to his free offer, while he does the same for you. This way, you should increase your list by at least 50%.

    Hope this helps


    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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  • Develop a super great, super cool, super awesome digital info product for your target viewers. This can be a written guide/tutorial or video guide/tutorial about unique ways to maximize the effectiveness of products similar to your affiliate products and to increase the benefits they can get when they're using these products...

    Sell this product on your site. Integrate your mailing list subscription process into the sales page on your site for this product, so buyers can also opt-in as your mailing list subscribers...

    Post this product as an affiliate product in various affiliate networks. Offer a 90% or more commissions per sale, kind words and beer, to entice more people to become your affiliates. Have them promote this product for you, as well as drive traffic to your site and populate your mailing list subscriber base with buyer traffic...

    Use solo ads, PPC and content syndication campaigns to promote this product and your affiliate sign up page...

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    Put your link in your warrior signature as a free giveaway.
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    The best ones would be solo ads to get quality traffic - continue purchasing budgeted solos until you build your list to a substantial size.

    From thereon, you can do some ad-swaps with reliable list holders. This will ensure a good subscriber base penetration rate from amongst subscribers of other's lists (just as solos) - however, this time, it being a swap - you are not paying for it, but simply promoting each other's offers to your respective lists.

    And after that, maybe you can launch a WSO here and there, or simply presell your existing list and start making money through some targeted affiliate offers, by understanding the buying dynamics of the list which you would have by now, spent some time with.
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    I've looked around and outside of other warriors is there a good recommendation of where to buy quality solo ads that are targeted? Not necessarily in IM but other niches?

    Most I see are in IM and then if I have found a site that claims they can send it to a targeted list I'm not sure how reputable they are.
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    I'd suggest ad-swaps and solo ads if you have a little bit of money to spend. You could look into social networks. Pinterest is huge right now, it's been generating a lot of traffic for me lately.
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    Solo Ads
    Forum Marketing
    YouTube Marketing
    Facebook Marketing
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    Depends on your budget by I would try and find a way to use PPC ads. It's easy. Fast. And you can get quality traffic.
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    1) Blogging
    2) Article marketing
    3) Forum marketing
    4) Youtube
    5) Free viral ebooks
    6) Twitter and Facebook

    ...all free methods.
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    Begin using social media so your squeeze page can start getting viral.
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    go to an active forum and find an active poster with no link in signature. then offer to pay him say 20 dollars a month to put the link to your squeeze page on his signature. This is powerful, you are not spending time doing forum marketing yourself, you are leveraging on someone else's efforts.
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      Originally Posted by marcuslim View Post

      go to an active forum and find an active poster with no link in signature. then offer to pay him say 20 dollars a month to put the link to your squeeze page on his signature. This is powerful, you are not spending time doing forum marketing yourself, you are leveraging on someone else's efforts.

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    PPC is usually good.

    And if you can't get your page to convert with paid traffic, then you are going to have a hard time with free traffic.
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    There are many ways you might want to drive traffic to your squeeze page. If you have the budget, a great way would be solo ads and classified ads. Adswaps is fantastic for fast forwarding your success as it increases you subscriber instantly and the traffic drivin to your site is targeted.

    A slightly more tedious yet effective and cost free would be posting in forums and having your link in the signature.

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    Do you have a list?

    If you have, broadcast it to your list :-)

    If you don't have a list, you should starting building it.

    I have a free ebook about list building here:

    No opt in for warriors :-)
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