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I have built a web content creation company that has acheived a modest amount of success. I'm looking to build my client base by boosting up my marketing. My main strategy for lead generation is to build an authority blog and drive traffic organically. However, in terms of promoting that content I am planning on throwing small amounts of money into different traffic generation tactics. Basically, here's my plan:

1. Create valuable content on blog
2. Spend small amounts of money on many different traffic generation techniques to promote that content, i.e., PPC, SEO, press releases article marketing, youtube videos, buying social media likes/followers, etc. on fiverr
3. Use Google Analytics to measure the ROI on each tactic
4. Put more money into the marketing tactics that produce more leads.

Basically, it is going to be a lot of trial and error. Does anyone have any information that would be helpful for me?

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    What exact information are you looking for? List of pros and cons regarding those marketing methods? If so, try this: Critique of 50 top ways to drive traffic to your site | free website traffic It reviewed the first 30 traffic/ promo methods. The other 20 are still missing. Good place to start for finding pro/con assessments regarding methods of traffic generation.
    Good luck!
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    Monitor your costs and see if it's justifyable to lose money on front end customers. It can be justified if the average lifetime value of your customer is incredibly high, so if you lose $30 to get a new customer... this is nothing compared to the (example) $3000 that each average customer brings you over the lifetime of the relationship.

    Also... do more free marketing like a champ.
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      Originally Posted by LimeCommerce View Post

      Give your customers what they want, and word of mouth travels.
      And ask your customers for referrals. If you do good work that will be your best source of new clients.
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    Oh and one other thing. If any client is using a second tier website host/build company do a search for "powered by (host/build company)" and find other clients that way.
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    Here is what you've got to do: focus more on getting more money from your current customers.

    - First and foremost, see if you can raise your prices - you'll be surprised. The first time I tried it I was scared but I realized that's the fastest way to make more money. Now, when I develop new products I always think of how "expensive" I can make it.

    - Do you have any continuity program (recurring income)? That's also very important. Very often, you can mark up your margins a lot, and then have it come in on autopilot.

    - Of course, strengthen you relationship with your current customers - do you send out a regular newsletter? Do your customers feel a close connection to you? A newsletter sent by snail mail goes a long way...

    - Add additional services and let your current client base know about it.

    Remember, it's usually easier to make more money from existing customers than from attracting new ones.

    I know this is not what you wanted to hear but at some point you will probably come back to this conclusion. The sooner the better.

    By the way, the bigger question would be what your "message" to your market is. In other words, what's your USP, what are you saying to these people?

    That will lead you in the right direction - the rest is just mechanics.

    P.S. I just checked out your website in the sig. I'm assuming you're getting writers to do the work so you can focus on marketing. If you are putting this much effort into promotion you might as well make real money. Take a look at for instance.
    "Those who can - DO IT. Those who can't, say it's impossible."
    Jean Paul a.k.a AdwordsMogul - Top of the range PHP developers

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    Track any single traffic generation campaign you set, because maybe you will be surprised that the good quality traffic doesn't come form the most expensive campaign.

    You also must to make some split testing on your landing pages, tiny changes improves conversions.
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    remember it cost more money to get new customers.

    So initually you want to get new customers, but then create repore and build trust and offer them more stuff, over time.

    Getting business from our current customers and list is easy, getting new customers costs lots.
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