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by adaxah
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hi guys,
i need your comments on the website below. What do i need to improve on?

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    colours dont seem to blend well
    overall theme doesnt fit properly theres no continuity
    did you make this yourself? ever thought of buying a theme?
    if youre looking to do an ecommerce site appearance is extremely important
    no hate but just a heads up id you need help just pm!
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    Good framework but the color scheme needs to be improved so it's readable and the content needs to be organised slightly better. Good start though!
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    Improve on the color use of the whole website.

    You have white writing on a white back ground. And then dark writing on a black back ground. It makes it incredibly difficult to read without squinting my eyes.

    - Trevor


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      Definitely agree about the colours being off.

      I've always been told never to use a black background so that's the first thing to change.

      Also I'd make the headline font darker and bolder so it stands out more.

      Finally your site's is based on selling themes etc so I don't get what the peppers are doing there as the header graphic...unless they are trying to signify that these are 'HOT' themes :-)

      Hope this helps, and all the very best luck with your business

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    Thanks guys. i really appreciate your comments. I will make the changes. I built the theme myself

    Warrior Forum Programmer

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    Agree with what others have said. I'll also add, make the header graphic much shallower. It takes up about a third of the screen and achieves nothing. I say this regularly - people don't scroll. Unless they can see what your site is about and it's obvious what they should do at first glance, they won't scroll down to see the content.
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    Beside just the colours, you might want to consider adding more information in your website.

    People have very short life-span online (patience), the moment they go to a certain website they want to what's that website about within just second.

    So adding a attractive headline might help you in some ways,

    Just a headsup, hope this help,
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    What I think you should do is maybe putting some designs or maybe some widgets in there so you could have clickable buttons... you might also want to design a custom header for your website to brand your business and also try installing some themes in there as well.

    To your Success,

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  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    1) You need a better headline

    2) The adsense code at the bottom of your page needs to blend in better with the green on your site

    3) The products that are on your "shop" page... i think they will go well on your homepage
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    I am an artist and web designer and I like the colors that you have used, the green is a soothing color to the soul, green is soothing, blue is depressing, alot of people think blue is calming but in color psycology, green sooths and blue depresses. Green makes people comfortable, like in comfortable enough to purchase off of your site, good color choice. Anyway, I think the color is very relaxing, I like it. You might want to organize the fonts a little neater. Think of you website like a magazine. The landing page being the front cover of the magazine. I think it is a good start...good luck, Cristine
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