Selling To Women Vs Selling To Men

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Hey guys so i had a discussion with some one about selling To Women Vs Selling To Men and thought it was interesting topic and i`d love to hear what warriors say about it so what you think who is easier to sell Women or men ?
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    Originally Posted by speedylikesKJ View Post

    who is easier to sell Women or men ?
    What are you selling?

    Beer? Men.

    Shoes? Women.

    But there are still plenty of women buying beer and men buying shoes.

    The real question is who wants your product, and the answer almost never has anything to do with gender. For every product that appeals primarily to one gender, there are thousands that don't.
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      With the amount my wife spends, it's definitely women ;-)

      Getting serious for a moment - in a 'previous life' I was in both direct and retail sales management and there was often a different vibe when selling to men as oppossed to woman.

      I always found woman more attentive and wanting to know more about the products than men did. Things like quality and making sure they were buying the 'right' product were the biggest factors for them. Often with men it more or less came down to just the best price. It may have been their competitive spirit in trying to barter for a cheaper deal.

      However online I have not seen significant difference between male or female customers. This may be because offline I was able to see or hear them go through the buying process whereas online this is not really possible.

      Personally I wouldn't worry to much about appealing specifically to one gender or the other- if your product is good enough both men and women will buy it!
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    It depends on your campaign and your target audience. There might be products that appeal to both genders, more or less, but when you're promoting something through a campaign, you must get as specific as possible with your target customer. So, it's impossible to say which one's better to sell to, they're both good, it comes down to your product and campaign.
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    When selling to women you have to build credibility. Women like to stream line everything. We are busy, kids, hubbies, businesses, houses etc. Women, want things to be easy, but they are willing to do more leg work when researching a product. They also are bargain shoppers and want the best for their family at all times. Women make for great repeat business. When marketing to them highlight how your product will add value to their everyday lives, save time, benefit their families etc. Most women do not buy for themselves, so have empathy to their needs. If you provide a good service they TALK! best word of mouth in the business. Good luck!
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    It depends on the type of product or services. If your product is for women then your customer will be women or else men.
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    I'll add another ingredient to this discussion: The latest numbers about who makes the buying decision in the household, for the product or service you're offering.

    Not long ago, when a study showed that women were the decision-makers when buying the family car, auto manufacturers suddenly put lighted makeup mirrors on car visors. (Seriously. I didn't know whether to feel amused, bemused, or insulted. *chuckle*)

    Your product and target audience are the main determinants when writing your sales copy, etc.

    A well-crafted marketing strategy makes any product or service easier to sell.

    Are you selling to people in the eastern US? They tend to prefer greens and blues. As you head towards California, customers have responded better to earth tones like oranges and browns.

    Red can raise someone's interest, but some people will put on the brakes as if it's a red traffic light. Yellow is supposed to trigger more right-brain activity, but I'm not sure it'll bypass your inner (left-brained) CPA.

    Lots of generalities can be made, but few can apply equally, across the board.

    Know your target audience and know what makes them spontaneously push the "buy now" button. That's the bottom line.
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    That's such a wide topic it's impossible to just "express" your opinion in a single response.

    It depends on what you are doing - whether it's CPA/Amazon/Clickbank, etc., on your traffic sources as well - PPV is different from SEO, for example.

    The good thing about paid traffic is you can get laser-targeted traffic sorted by gender to get very good conversion rates.

    You should always apply your common sense while picking a product and trying to match it with your traffic. Logically, a woman won't be interested in purchasing a male enhancer.

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      Originally Posted by Trevor View Post

      You should always apply your common sense while picking a product and trying to match it with your traffic. Logically, a woman won't be interested in purchasing a male enhancer.

      I think that depends on her male...

      You can position almost any product for either gender.
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    If your product is of good use to women, then trust me they are serious buyers than men.
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  • The question of the differences in selling to women vs. selling to men is an interesting one - but the way you phrased it: "Who's easier to sell to?" - is perhaps not the most productive way to put forth the inquiry.... to me, a more exciting kind of question might be, "What, beyond the given stereotypes we all know, really appeals to each gender?"

    I'm sure there's many factors that a lot of us haven't given thought to just because we have certain cultural blinders on. What if we could do work to suspend our assumptions about women and shoes and men and beer and think a little more deeply about what's truly compelling to a feminine personality vs. a masculine one?
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    Both genders buy stuff. Give a product example and you will get a much better group of answers.
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    One is not necessarily easier than the other. They just want different things out of life. They both desire to express themselves, but through different things. Figure out what they want and who they want to be, harness your product to their sense of self-expression, and you'll have a winner.

    To dig down a little deeper, in general, (and understand that these are generalizations that are rude to make when judging individuals, but useful when trying to do mass marketing...) women value emotional connections. They find them fulfilling, and it's gratifying to them to show those connections off to peers whose acknowledgement matters to them. Men usually value acquisition, accomplishment, and achievement, and much the same, want to be able to show those off to peers who they want to impress.

    It's important to note that a well worked sales message can tap into both of these drives.

    Fair warning: It's possible I'm arguing with you because I have nothing better to do.
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