Got Involved with a HYIP... but deciding not to follow through...

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Recently at a new job I told someone about how I make money online and he told me he did too but the current programs he uses are HYIP's. Namely and I started with JustBeenPaid, but I am not thinking about continuing because it just seems... weird. I've been in the site's conference room everyone is just too friendly in there. I could be wrong about the site, but currently I only make money with get-paid-to's and pay-per-click sites. I feel uncomfortable with HYIP's and not sure if I should continue or not even if they are trust worthy and paying.

I only posted this inquiry here because I didn't know where else to put it plus I used to post in this forum I recently came back to my online money making and this the first time I've been introduced to those types of sites (HYIP's). Any feedback would be great
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    In my opinion all HYIP programs are scams. Years ago I belonged to one and they paid 1% a day of your total Investment. I was lucky enough to get my Initial Investment back before they shut down their site and disappeared.

    My advise Is to stay away from these types of programs.
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    What is hard to tell is whether the scam is a Pyramid or a Ponzi, but one thing is for certain: it is a scam. STAY AWAY!
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    HYIPs are almost always scams - A lot of people in the HYIP community (at least the one I used to hang around) view it as a gamble: To see if you can get more than your initial investment before the whole thing shuts down. The only ones that seem to make any money are the HYIP directories (these sites are always paid on time to encourage more people to join).

    I'm sure there are some that could be legitimate, but these would be very hard to find..
    Definitely stay away - There are other ways to make money online without the huge risk.
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    All HYIP sites are scam. They will run aways after few days. These site owners come again with another site and collect money and close HYIP site. This is not investing in Internet.

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    Man, I didn't know those things were still around! I did a few back in probably 2004 or so. I came out ahead... but then realized what was really going on pretty quick, and left for good.

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      Well I didn't know what it was at first, I only put in about $20 or so of my money, I haven't been scammed yet, and the site does let you use money in your own balance to buy new positions to "make money" with. I know with legit Paid-To-Click sites I use they do the same thing, let you use your own balance to purchase things on the site. But I don't know, from what you guys say, it's best to stay away
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    What's the product, here? It's not even clear by visiting these sites. A whole lot of schmaltzy talk about money and success with no real mention of what you're doing, just references to "paying it forward", etc. That's big flashing siren right there.

    Avoid. It's a scheme, not a business. Forget schemes. If you stand any hope of making a real, secure, growing income online, you have to look at building a business, not partaking in schemes. They might sound superficially attractive but they're not good for anything other than going broke pretty quick. That means selling/promoting real stuff - good stuff - to real people that actually fulfils a real need.

    Most everything else is just a load of hokum.
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