What is the best time of day to send out emails?

by remega
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Wondering when the best time of day is for sending out email promotions and newsletters for optimum open rates.
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    Nobody is a victim. Its not possible to be screwed over. Every decision you make or thought you think has a cause and effect. I understand your frustration so just take the lesson as a gift to never make that mistake again.
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    Originally Posted by remega View Post

    Wondering when the best time of day is for sending out email promotions and newsletters for optimum open rates.
    Hello, Hope you are doing well...

    I have found that the best time of day to send out emails is in the morning. Most people check their emails early to get that part of the day dealt with as quickly as possible. I have also found that late afternoon works too. It also depends on the day, if it is during the weekend, do it afternoon because sometimes people sleep late.

    My promotions have been optimal at this time...

    Hope this helps.


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    I've sent out my emails on a Saturday morning between 7-9am. I've also looked at Tuesdays in the morning too.
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    The best time of day for sending out email promotions and newsletters for optimum open rates is between 11-4 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
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    I have a study that will blow your mind. It was done from a mainstream ESP that covered your question with details and data from over 9.5 Billion emails sent and what yeilded the highest rates. Yes, that is billion. PM me and I may just share it with ya...

    Keep on walking until you find what you are looking for

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    The best time of day for sending out email promotions and newsletters is in the morning
    That right in my opinion
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    You have to test and tweak it to find out what time works best for your particular list. But in general I believe the best time is in the morning.
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      I think it really depends on the market you are targeting. For instance, work from home opportunities might do very well on the weekends, while a different niche, might not even see your email all weekend.
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    Tuesday and Wednesday will be the best! Same goes to press release =)

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    OMG they have me locked down from sending PM's, because I only have 9 posts...so spencer I cannot reply to you, I tried but oh well...

    Keep on walking until you find what you are looking for

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    If my email inbox is any indicator, any time of day works. LOL

    I do think most IMers subscribe to the theory that people check in the morning first to see if there is anything that demands their attention. Then, in the afternoon if they have caught up with all of their "must do" items, they might check again.

    Personally, I believe it depends on the niche and the circumstances of the target demographic. If the target demo works a 9-5 and checks a work email then the morning/ afternoon pattern might be the norm. If they are checking a home email before and after their work, the time frame would be different.

    Any time you deal with superlatives, there are a number of variables to take into account. At least, that has been my experience.

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    These are all great answers and will help you with your question.

    One thing to keep in mind is that the internet is a global marketplace with many time zones! Even in one country the size of the U.S, you are dealing with many time zones.
    Therefore, your strategy needs a bit more planning to make sure that, once you decide your optimal conversion time, your subscribers receive it at that time no matter their location
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    I was always told thursday mornings for I.M related emails.
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    If you are using emailing server services to send your newsletters and emails, then you can ask this question to them. They have such statistics and they can help you with it.
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    Morning is the best time to sent emails. Its my routine to check email after getting up from bed.
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    It depends on who is targeted, generally in the morning is more effective.
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    Do you really want to send emails the same time most other people send theirs? Or would it be better (read, your email would stand out more), if you send it when the recipient is not slammed with all the other emails?
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    I really do not think that time matters rather than your subject line, null-set offer in catchy way..... The email should be targeted to MAN (The person with MONEY,AUTHORITY to buy, NEED for your offer).....
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    Seems to be 5pm UK time for me, which i think is 11am EST....
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      Since I have no control over when someone opens one of my emails, I don't worry about it.

      I schedule emails to go out in the wee small hours of the morning, in the time zone my web host is in. Why? Because the server loads are lighter, and I run into fewer problems with throttling or resource use.
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    The morning. Always the morning, because people are most alert and responsive in the mornings. However, if you're sending out thousands of emails to people around the world, at the same time as I do, it's pot luck!

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    Tues-Wed is the rule of thumb based on Monday and Friday activities which can take away from email opens.

    We test. Thursday nets more opens faster than any other day for us. It's usually afternoon, sometimes as late as 4 pm. We've even done Friday and it worked almost as good as Thursday. In our experience, Tues and Wed blasts take longer to reach the same or slightly less open rate.
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    I've always heard (and believed myself) that the morning is the best time but I've also heard that this depends on the niche. I would imagine some niches might be better received later in the day.
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    I personally think it doesn't matter when an email is sent. I would be more concerned about having a dynamite subject line that the recipient would have to open to satisfy his curiosity or get a problem solved. If anyone is looking for your information, they will be looking at all hours of the day.
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    I have sent quite a few at night and in the morning.
    My early morning emails have been a lot more successful... opt-in wise.

    Hope that helps!
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    In my own testing it is between 9am and 6pm of their local time.

    Anything outside of this time is often not read when it comes in and sits there with 20 junk emails that have come through since they last checked their email, this means you have more risk of landing in their trash.
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    Tuesday - Thursday between 11am - 2pm.
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    In the IM niche early in the morning. I have found that the weight loss niche the best time is late afternoons. It all depends on your list.....
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      I have always felt it is best to send out emails in the morning. Most people check their emails first thing every morning when they get on their computer. I never send out emails late in the day or at night.
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    I find sending them out tue. to thursday at 8 am pst gets me the highest open rates
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    I think you should just let the autoresponder work its magic. Set it to email every 3 days, and then just let it run its course.
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    I'm sure you've heard of "banner blindness" well I think emails fail under that same umbrella, especially sale emails. My advice is go with what people here have recommended but get more clever with it. I hope you're logging users IP's+email when they signup? If not you should, then use a free GeoIP plugin or tool to translate those IP's to their country automatically. Then use those countries time zones to send your email at peek times for each user based on where they're at. That way you get them when they're still online and probably most interested in purchasing whatever it is you have to offer. Just mass mailing everyone at the same time, while easier, will probably just get your mail mixed in with a lot of other mail, because the user could be sleeping during that time or what have you. So mail sent at an ideal time for each individual user could easily help conversions.
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    People are usually on an "anti-spam police" mood during the evenings because they are usually stressed out from work and they do it as a way to clean out the "garbage". I think early morning mails are the best.
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    i believe the best time will be after lunch time and must in working day.
    Weekend usually less people check their mails.
    Why i choose after lunch time is because the emails in their queue mostly lesser compare to morning so they would spend sometime to read your mail .
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    I noticed we all have different opinions. It depends on culture and the lifestyle of the people you are targeting.
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    Very interesting that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are a good time to email, also in the morning, I would not have even thought about this. Thanks.
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    I usually send out my emails around morning, so the subscribers can check out my things when they wake up. When people wake up, they tend to be a little groggy and might unconsciously sign up or buy something from you !

    Hope I helped, good luck to you!
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    Well most will say in the morning and that is what a lot of us do but then it varies.
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      I don't think that's how it works, there are so many unpredictable factors involved.

      1. You might have your subscribers living in different zones, you can try sending out email at specific time, if you have segregated your list according to geo-location information.

      2. Only subscribers know when he is going to open the email.

      The following tips are from one article which analyzed data from mail chimp, this applies more to survey emails.
      • Try sending survey invitations on the weekends.
      • Send invites very early in the morning.
      • use lots of links in your survey invites.
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    Depends on your list... but between 8am and 12pm EST works for me.
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      Originally Posted by Mark Morgan View Post

      Depends on your list... but between 8am and 12pm EST works for me.
      I agree with Mark. It depends where your list is built. We've found mornings work best so we mail daily at around 10AM EST.
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    7.00 am - 9.00 am works best for me.

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    I send mine between 6 and 9 am.
    My thoughts on this are:
    1)action takes will get an early start
    2) I want to be high up in their list of emails, when they open up to start the day.

    It seems to work fine as I get a pretty high open rate.
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