What is a good email click-through rate?

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What would be considered a good click-through rate on emails sent out to a list? I want to know if my average click rate is bad/average/good, etc.
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    The answer depends on the topic of your newsletter. Get Email Marketing Metrics Report issued on November '08 by Mailer Mailer LLC and you'll find more. It's a free report and there is no signup required.
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      Originally Posted by ezine ads View Post

      It's a free report and there is no signup required.
      Thanks. Is this seriously the average click rate though? It shows ranges from .7% to around 6%. That seems awfully low. I'm averaging 20-25% click rate and I thought that might be low.
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        Originally Posted by dallas407 View Post

        Is this seriously the average click rate though?
        That's an average CTR

        A serious average CTR cannot be provided by one single person, no matter who is that person, but by email marketing leading companies who are able to analyse hundred of millions of emails.

        Mailer Mailer is such a company

        Of course that reports from different companies are not exactly the same because statistics is not a simple math where anyone will tell you that usually 1+1 is 2

        Here is an excerpt from a press release dated July 31, 2008 and issued by MailChimp:

        The publishing sector also sees the top click rate at 9.85 percent, while the Imports industry holds a close second at 8.95 percent. While IT leads significantly in open rates, its click rate of 1.01 percent is well below the average of 4.02 percent.
        Source: http://www.mailchimp.com/about/press_releases/mailchimp_study_reveals_it_industry_sees_highest_o pen_rates_publishing_indu/
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      Originally Posted by Mark_Austin View Post

      I have been told that 20-30% open rate is average.
      The open rate and the clickthrough rate are two different performance metrics.
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    I'd say, don't worry about what an industry average CTR is. Just concentrate on building a relationship with your subscribers and that way your OWN CTR will rise steadily. And that's what matters most.

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    20 - 30 % breakthrough rate is good enough
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      Originally Posted by WinsonYeung View Post

      20 - 30 % breakthrough rate is good enough
      Clickthrough, not breakthrought
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        Yep. This IS an old thread, but it answers a question I just faced with my Dog Talk Weekly campaign. My stats show what I presumed to be a low CTR since my members are dog lovers who are getting a ton of free advice and information. I now see that a few things have come into play:

        1. According to Email Marketing Open Rates, 7% is a normal open rate. This means my results are "normal".

        2. They say, "An open rate can only be determined for HTML email." I forgot that GetResponse was causing me problems whenever I tried to use their HTML option, so I switched to straight text messages.

        3. My niche is not included in their list, so I'm not sure if the 7% is believable.

        The problem in determining my CTR is directly linked to the fact I have not been using HTML for the past 3 months or so. It could be much higher. This leaves me with only my web stats to try to figure out my success rate.

        I hope these details help those of you who are struggling to figure out your CTR. As for me, I'm going back to HTML messages because tracking through GR is far easier than using my web stats.

        If someone has a better idea of the expected CTR for the pet niche, I'd love to hear it.

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          You can track CTR (Click-Through-Rate) in both Plain Text
          and HTML e-mails.

          It's Open Rates that can't be tracked in Plain Text sent by
          many e-mail services.

          Just use your own Click-Through-Rate and Open Rates as
          a relative guide to the peformance of your own messages
          for your lists.

          In any case, a more important metric to track is sales.

          Dedicated to mutual success,



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