Is a "health" blog too broad? Should I niche-ify?

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I'm an athlete (submission grappling) and I have a lot of first-hand understanding about diet, training, supplementation, sleep, hydrotherapy, etc.

Do you think I should focus on JUST the diet part (e.g. a Paleo diet blog) or JUST the training part or can a general fitness blog encompassing all of these topics (since they are fundamentally interconnected) promoting affiliate products do well?

I'm grateful for any wisdom you can share! :-)

Best Wishes,
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    I would be in favor of a blog which caters to each and every aspect of the diet as well as training part - the reason being that apart from monetization of the blog, what is equally essential in the initial days is to analyze on your own that which aspect of your writing is cultivating maximum interest in the minds of visitors.

    I mean - take for example you write two articles to start off with (blog posts I mean) - one dealing with diet and the other with training. Once you start driving targeted health niche traffic to your blog via any traffic method, the comments on each of these blog posts will in general show you which is gaining more popularity. Its basically split-testing at a very micro level.

    Thereon, once you know what sells, you can continue to have your blog posts on that topic. You may get varied answers to your query - but trust me, its always better to follow trial and error and test the waters yourself.
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    Originally Posted by vtotheyouknow View Post

    I'm an athlete (submission grappling) and I have a lot of first-hand understanding about diet, training, supplementation, sleep, hydrotherapy, etc.

    Do you think I should focus on JUST the diet part (e.g. a Paleo diet blog)...

    ...I'm grateful for any wisdom you can share! :-)

    Best Wishes,
    In a word: Yes.

    In slightly more words: Yes, it's too general as it doesn't play to your strengths.

    You're not a general 'health' expert as much as you're an expert on the things you've listed. Truthfully, no one is a 'health' expert as it's way too broad a topic and everyone's training will be different to get them to their expert status. They may be an expert on health from the perspective of Chinese medicine, or Pilates, or Ultimate Fighting. Your an expert on health from the point of view of your sport. The knowledge areas you have may apply to people whether or not they're into grappling, but I'd say stick to what you're already an expert in and focus on that, rather than trying to be all things to all men (and women obviously).

    Brand the site and then make it the 'go to' site for people interested in a certain topic. Once you've conquered that niche with your blog, go for another one using the same blog but a different category.

    It also depends upon your methods of promotion, as much as your expertise.

    If you're going to try and rank for 'health' in the search engines, you're going to struggle, but if you're going to brand the site and then focus on niches beneath the general umbrella of health, you'll fare much better.

    Hope that makes sense. PM me if it doesn't and I'll do my best to explain more clearly.
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    I would do a health blog, but make sure you do it from a different angle or have a unique selling point.

    Check out something like

    There are a few other blogs like this:

    Bodyrock TV is run by an ex porn star; Al Kavaldo is the bodyweight guy; Ross Enimalt is the boxing guy; Paul Wade is the ex-con; CRessey is the rehab guy, etc.
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    I would not go for "health" nor would I just go for a "certain diet" or a "certain training".

    I would create one site that plays to all YOUR particular strengths and then come up with something keyword wise to match that.

    However, I think your question may be more about going general or specific, in which case, here is some advice I got about that:

    Advantages of exact match domain name (EMD):
    - rank faster and easier
    - will start making money quicker
    - will get more targetted traffic & higher conversion rate (typically 1 in 20)
    - will get less traffic
    - product may not be popular forever (or may not even be around forever)

    Advantages of a more generic domain
    - can add numerous product reviews
    - potential to become an authority site if that's the direction you want to take it
    - Google will probably give it more long term love
    - site can last as long as you're willing to work on it
    - can add a newsletter, build a list eventually etc.
    - more traffic potential
    - probably won't make a consistent income any time soon
    - will take longer to rank
    - traffic won't be as targetted and conversions not as high (higher traffic numbers makes up for that though)
    - alot of work involved - you'll need alot of content etc

    However, I've found that you can overcome the "disadvantages" as listed for the generic domain above and if you do it correctly, you can start making money right away with it.

    Also, if you are an authority in this field or want to be, I would add your name to the domain so that you can BRAND not only your company but yourself, as well.

    I will PM you with some suggestions.

    In my opinion, this first step of researching your market and doing keyword research is the largest part of whether you will have immediate success and indeed, any success at all in marketing online so by all means, don't rush into it.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

    Guaranteed 60% Opt In Rate Traffic-Real People-Fresh Today-High Quality Biz Opp traffic![/URL]
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    I am in health niches too

    and I am using non-EMD names so that I can provide a wider spread of knowledge within the same niche

    know your competition though, without that you are working in the dark.

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    I'd say it's definetly too broad. Choose one niche and write about that.
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      Trying to cover "health" would be like me trying to cover "fishing."

      Under that massive canopy, you have recreational fishing, professional competitive fishing and commercial fishing. Freshwater or saltwater. Dozens of different species. I could go on until even I'm bored...

      You know a lot about health from the vantage point of an athlete competing in a contact sport. What does your knowledge have to do with a kid wanting to get past asthma? A grandmother dealing with advancing Parkinson's or Alzheimer's? A desk jockey who just wants to walk to his car without getting winded? Again, I could go on until everyone is bored.

      When you "niche-ify", look for groups that could benefit from your specific knowledge. Show them how your knowledge based around submission grappling applies to them. Does something in your regimen benefit golfers? Long-haul truckers? Desperate housewives? Show them how your knowledge can make their lives better. When they trust you and believe what you say, making the sales will come easy. Or at least easier.
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    Make yourself stand out from the crowd in a niche market otherwise you will just get lost in a raft of other health sites. If you have knowledge of more than one niche then do different blogs and inter-link them.
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    this is what I am trying to do

    create high quality sites, information, about health issues - one main topic per site, then to build a whole family. I have 8 of them so far all branded the same way etc. Only one is doing well at the moment so I am focussing on that to get it ranked highly and all that. then I will move on

    all the best - take lots of advice before you start and dont spend lots of money on WSOs.

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    Health is too broad but "Health for (Runners/Bikers/swimmers/Hikers/etc) isn't. Nichefy a little.
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    As one who just started using market samurai and trying to understand more about SEO, keywords, etc., the "health" niche is not just popular but incredibly competitive.

    Try to find a keyword that is SEO friendly - not one that is so competitive your site won't see the first few pages of Google.

    I am learning, through trial and error, how important it is to find that lucrative keyword and how much it means. So before you start out, invest some time to find out how sites rank, a bit about SEO, etc.

    I wish you the best of luck and success!
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