Wow I should've had a backup...

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Hey Warriors,

I love this forum and what not...but like anything in life "technology" can be a bit hairy. In no way shape or form am I "hating" on the WF or whatever...but it's important to have a backup plan for everything.

Anything run by people will some point or another. Depending on one source isn't smart so learn...

I've been hit up for things crashing here at times or W+ going down or Jim Bob's shopping cart system needing's all run by people so stuff happens.

Just don't depend on the forum or Paypal, or Google, or Facebook or anyone...b/c while they're doing EVERYTHING they can to keep things live...with hundreds of thousands of members or millions in the case of Paypal or Facebook...stuff will go down.

I learned this this morning when I forgot to use the backup feature at JV Zoo and lost a ton of sales from various affiliates...DOH...lesson learned.

The lesson here is to cover your ass...THEN focus on growth. Not many talk about this but this saved me tons of lost sales when my deli was broken into and we had to operate 2 weeks with no air conditioning. We had backups (fans EVERYWHERE and doors open) and if we hadn't been able to do that stuff..we would've closed for 2 weeks which would've caused us to lose 10-12k in sales.

Cover your you can grow


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