As an affiliate, which Affiliate Platforms do you trust? (Vendor asking)

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Hello there

So I am building a product I soon want to market, mostly through affiliates.

Now believe it or not, even though I have had blogs and sites with reasonable traffic for years, I never bothered monetizing them through other means than Google Ads. I know...

So with regard to the product I am building, I am now diving into this whole affiliate ecosystem. I created a Clickbank account today and all seems reasonably well explained. Then I stumbled on several articles about commission theft, and all these sneaky things some affiliates do to steal other affiliate's commissions, etc, then affiliates complaining about vendors that hijack visitors by guiding them through signup forms and Paypal payments, etc... Wow, it feels like rediscovering the Internet

But anyway, this made me wonder:

If I want to promote a product or series of products (all related and on the same site) and build/maintain a good and trustworthy relationship with my affiliates, what existing platform (e.g. Clickbank, etc) or self-hosted software (e.g. iDevAffiliate) do you trust the most?

Which system gives you the most reassurance that you are getting paid for your efforts?

As a vendor, I'd like to pick a platform affiliates trust.

I actually would like to get both a perspective from both affiliates and vendors.

Many thanks for your input
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    From both sides I like Clickbank. Yes, it's got negatives you can Google, but they are established and pay like clockwork on direct deposit.

    IMO Partnership. A National Insurance Marketing Alliance.

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