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Hi all,

Is it better to wrap your text content around an adsense block? or leave it unwrapped?
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    bumping this in case anyone knows


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      It's the funniest thing. What works for someone or some niche may work differently for someone else in another niche.

      I personally wrap the text. Then again, it depends on how the flow on your particular page works.

      Best way to find out ... test, test, and test some more!
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    I've seen that wrapping the text around the ads often has a better result, but as mentioned above, the best way to answer this question is to test both formats on your website.

    Sometimes, wrapped text does not look good at all. If the formatting gets messed up, or is, in your opinion, difficult to read, then I would strongly suggest you do not wrap the text around.

    Give both formats a go - like maybe 10 or 15 days each, and see your results. You'll probably get the best answer to your question like that.

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    I never tried to wrap it around my text. The most that I would do is sneak a leader-board ad in-between my paragraphs and have the tittle and text in the ad box matching my article text colors (Leaving the link blue).

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    On my adsense websites I usually wrap the text around the adsense block but it's because I get more clicks with this format compared to when I don't wrap the text (based on testing I did on my niche sites).

    Like some people mentioned in this post already, test it on your adsense sites; leave it one way for X number of days and change it to the other way for X number of days; whichever format gets more clicks is the format I'd prefer since it's resulting in more clicks.
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      Also consider where your ad is on the page. If it is on the top of the page ,and is not text wrapped, it is very likely to push more content down below the fold.

      This can easily leave you with more ads than "real content' above the fold and you may fall foul of the AdSense Program Polices and Ad placement guidelines.
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        One thing to bear in mind is Google's recent-ish blog post about a new algorithm component that pushes down sites in the SERPs for providing a negative user experience by placing too many ads and not enough content above the fold. Just how vigorous this penalty can be is anyone's guess, though.

        "Back in the day" I would do without wrapping, but these days, with things being as they are, I tend to use it wherever possible on my AdSense sites. Too much white space gives a very off-putting feeling of scarcity, and it's an annoyance for me personally as a web user.

        I'd rather sacrifice a little CTR to feel happy with how my sites function than use every trick in the book to maximise immediate revenues at the expense of users' patience and my own "conscience".

        Anyway, having said that, on sites where I've tested this, I didn't even see much of a CTR change between wrapped and non-wrapped versions.

        When you think about it, why should it have much effect? Users know what AdSense ads look like by now, even if they couldn't name them, so those with "ad blindness" won't pay attention wherever you stick them and however you "dress them". And those who'll click will do so for no other reason than an ad is relevant and appealing; neither of which can be bolstered by simply force-feeding them.
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