Want my Spinning Secret?

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Hey there warriors, I saw a thread going on with some bashing of one of my favorite tools, so I'm going to give away a little secret here on how I make this tool work for me.

I take anywhere from 3-5 PLR articles on my subject and open them in Notepad.

I then take the first paragraph from each, and give it to Word.

I use the Word autosummarize feature and set it to 25%. (open a new doc)

I paste those results into another empty notepad doc.

I repeat this with all the paragraphs to gain, intro, body, conclusion....

THEN... I run through Content Boss.

I edit, and run through Copyscape.

And edit again if necessary.

Content Boss isn't perfect. What machine is? But out of all the spinners I've tried, it's my favorite.

Sometimes I do get back absolute crap from any parts of the system above, and I have to toy with the article more than I would like and maybe sometimes even more than it would have cost me to just write from scratch, but for the most part, I get pretty decent results with this system.

There you go, my secret is out. Sometimes, you find that you didn't buy the 'perfect tool' but you can ADAPT it to still doing something useful in some way. Just gotta get a little creative I guess.

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