How to promote fiverr gig ?

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Hello guys, I am Pinakin Bhadeshiya i have recently started providing service on but as the title says i m not able to get clients

Can anyone here suggest me how do i promote my gigs

I am providing services for article submission and yahoo answers my one gig is almost one month old and i was not able to get a single client :| any kind of help is appreciated @mods sorry if i posted in wrong section :|
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    Make your gig standout - by offering a level of service above the pack - even if you then downgrade once you have customers. Create several accounts and leave positive feedback to yourself. Create a video for your listing. Modify/create your ad during US peak times to gain more exposure.
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    What is US peak time, i am from India when should i post my gig ?
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    You could promote it in various ways. Maybe through sponsoring a tweet? You should look in to getting your signature sorted with something. Maybe also pay for a Warrior classified.
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    The image that you choose has a big impact. I know there is one guy on there that has a funny picture of a cat, and his account really took off after adding the cat picture. Sounds dumb but it's attention grabbing and that helps a lot on fiverr. Plus keyword stuffing in your description.

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    Here's a few suggestions.

    1. Make more than one gig, even if it's similar to one you already have. Buyers who view at least one of these gigs may also see your other services you have to offer.

    2. Make sure your title, description and keywords are all optimized for your targeted service. For example if you have a "article submission" gig, make sure the phrase "article submission" is mentioned somewhere in the title/description/keyword fields. Helps you in the Fiverr search.

    3. Share your gig and do some social bookmarking, or blog commenting. Better to these manually than automatically.

    4. Upload a video of your services in action.
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    Thank you guys for helping
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    Make your services stand out from your competitors by adding a little extra. Try to promote your service outside of Fiverr. Try to do social bookmarkings, forum nlog commenting, etc.
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

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    you can promote it via twitter or in some fiverr related forum
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      Originally Posted by Jerome15 View Post

      you can promote it via twitter or in some fiverr related forum
      Can you provide me some forums ?
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    When i first started out, i added it to my signature in this forum. It skyrocketed my income.
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    You've got to offer something that people want. I know a guy who does fiverr gigs who regularly has to suspend his gig because he has too many clients. The key is to find what works. If your gig isn't working then change it until it does.
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      You also can promote your gig using Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr also in Google Plus. The new feature in fiverr is you also can pin it into your Pinterest account. I also have gig to promote other people gig in my fiverr. If you are interested you can pm me
      If you can make your gig unique and its needed by other people, you are never worried anymore, just promote and hope other buyer come and order your gig. That's all I know and applied into my gig service. Hope you get order soon.
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    The more you would promote your gig it would be more beneficial for you.
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    Besides the great suggestions that other people have mentioned, you can also add a link to your gig in your signature on Warrior Forum.

    A large number of people here seek the services of people on Fiverr, so you might get some great leads from this forum if you have your link alongside good quality posts. People will buy your gig if you convince them you are an expert in the field.

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    Its just about same way your product a site/product.
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    Great ... information.. submit you're links are social media site you're got good traffic and good sell.
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      I am still searching for ways to get clients there. I have few regular clients but not getting any new clients.
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    Another way:
    Promote your gigs using Forum Marketing. use the signature to expose your Fiverr's gigs.

    1. Join on some forums that related with your niche
    2. Give contribution to the forums by making good posts & comments
    3. Direct linking your signature link with your Fiverr's gigs

    Forum marketing will give you targeted traffic that convert easily into sales.
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    Social bookmarking can help, which I actually do on Fiverr if interested: ttdub_1's profile page on
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    A few tips...

    1. Uploading a video seems to always rank you much higher. Check out Fiverr's homepage. Most of them will have an included video.

    2. I see you haven't included a link to your gigs in your signature here on WF. You could take advantage of that space and do so.

    3. As a few other posts have said... just make sure your gig is optimized with the right keywords and such.

    4. Hope... There are so many Fiverr gigs and most of them a dominated by just a few members. They get sales every day while other gigs exactly the same will never make a sale. Do they provide a much better service? Probably not. They just happened to get a few sales to begin with, and from there they gained new customers because people tend to buy gigs that have already been rated by others.

    Hope that helps you out!

    - Trevor


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    Video is single most important factor. Your gig will likely be ignored without a video.

    Get a cute girl like this one to talk about the gig.

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    Hi guys! I've been reading around here in warriorforum for a long time but it's just now that I registered. Anyway, I'm also a seller on fiverr so I want to share my thoughts on promoting gigs. I've gotten only around $1000 spread over a year (see sassquatch gigs on fiverr). It's a nice extra income but I'd like to boost sales too.

    I noticed that views and sales boost only when yours appear in the front page of a category or in the front page when it's sorted by "rating". Otherwise, your gig will get lost and will get sales once in a while. My gigs have been up in the front page randomly (but it's not featured) and sales do go up really well. I'm not sure what factors lead to this, but there is one time that I updated a video on one of my gigs and I went to the front page of Music & Audio category for 3 days. Also, one of my gigs WAS in the front page of Music & Audio when sorted by rating and I WAS getting orders quite regularly.

    Some say you need videos to boost sales. Somehow this is correct, as a lot of top rated sellers have videos of themselves talking about their gigs. But there are also other gigs which have just pictures in them and they get sales every day, and you'll be surprised that they have 500+ orders in a few months. I'm pretty sure the gig title is very important along with the description. That's the only thing I'm sure of. I've created gigs that didn't sell, made a new one with a better title and description, and huwala! My theory is if you don't get any sales or a ton of views in 2 weeks tops, you have to make a better one.

    Now, I'm fighting to be exposed again in the front page but updating videos, pictures and gig descriptions isn't working for me right now. I'm thinking of emailing websites directly and do some hard selling, linking to my fiverr link and personal website (for trust). What do you guys think?

    Anyway, my gig is about recording jingles for companies. I also do instrumental music for videos/websites. If you're interested, hit me up!
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    Use social bookmarking, put a link of the gig in your sig, upload a video on youtube, create some web2.0 and point them to your gig.hope that helps

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    Always have a video, this is the absolute #1 priority. Then, using a few fake accounts to leave positive feedback and lift your ranking wouldn't be a bad idea, if you have $10 to spare. Other then that, try and offer more and better than your competition and you will be just fine.
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    I agree with what has been said, you definitely need to create a video. Not only to help with your ranking, but it is also much more user friendly.

    Many people don't want to create video because they don't want to be on screen, but that's ok!

    People offer video promoting services on fiverr so you only have to pay 5$! There are even people who have white backgrounds for a very professional look.
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    I have recently added a video to my gig and have seen my sales ROCKET!
    I got pushed to the front page of and now have lots of work coming in every day for my music writing gig.

    What did I learn? I learned that a little effort and a few hours of work making a video go a long way!

    [B]Feel free to visit me there and see for yourself.
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    join some fiverr facebook group or community
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    i wanna get clients too
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    I'm a level 2 seller on fiverr (60 orders so far) and it's best to do something skilled (eg programming, web development) - the orders just keep on coming and you frequently get multiple orders for complex projects.

    Good luck!
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    I try to contact everyone with a relevant requested gig. They are listed on the right sidebar on Fiverr.
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    It is very important that you get involved in the forums at Fiverr. If you contribute to their forums, they will see you as an expert and will be more willing to use your service.

    You can also use ppc, seo, social media and article marketing to get more traffic.
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    let's face it: Fiverr is enormous. Unless you get featured, not many people will find your gig through passive browsing. By optimizing your tags, it's far more likely that buyers will run across your gig

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    The more you would promote your gig it would be more beneficial for you.
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    The following is a list of things we recommend the people who sell on Fourerr - the same list applies for Fiverr I guess

    On site:

    1) Your picture is key - it will invite people to look for more from you - fuzzy pictures or un-related pictures will harm the number of views.
    2) Show your work with references - possibly with a video
    3) Make sure you have an eye-catching title
    4) Ensure that your description is clear and to the point. Describe exactly what they will get if they order
    5) Add appropriate tags and in the correct category - we have seen that social marketing gigs are placed in the Christmas category - this will not do you any favours.

    Note: Avoid spelling mistakes!!!


    1) Share it with family friends on Facebook and Twitter
    2) Be very helpful to your targeted buyers
    3) Stand out of the crowd
    4) Look for forums in your niche and be social
    5) Join the Fourerr/Fiverr Facebook page


    1) Consider featuring your gig
    2) Consider highlighting your gig
    3) Be helpful in the forums or when potential buyers ask you questions.

    Hope this helps

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    Make your Gigs unique with catchy title and lengthy description. Your potential buyer should get to know how your gigs will help them. This is very important.
    Ideas and Techniques to Make Money Online
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    If you can do it in 24 hours, that will def help it to stand out, because when folks hit that express button you're now in a sub category of it's own.

    If you can provide the service for free to a large facebook group, fan page. Just ask that the work be shown to the group in case anyone is needing similar help.

    Find a group that would of course be most likely to want your service. For example, a biz group may take interest in your gig if you create biz logos. An art group may take interest in your gig if you do portraits. A puppy fanpage may love it if you can paint a picture of their new puppy.

    Be creative, reach out, give a little, and that should be a good start. Best of luck!
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    You could target search, you can make fiverr gigs rank. I used to rank for terms about buying yahoo account and made about $80 per week from it.

    Use the google keyword tool, find how your customers search for your service, then send a lot of links to your gig page
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    Do you have a list? If so, email your list with your latest gig if it would be relevant for them.

    For example, I ran a gig offering image vectorization, and then mailed my list about it. Had around 10 orders in 2 days (easy money, when the gig only takes 15 minutes to complete)
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