Health forums/blogs where you can actually post with links to your site in your sig????

by buddafuko69 5 replies
Is it even possible??? I am in the health niche and damn, I've tried so many health forums but they are like so, SO strict with having a sig with your site included.

I don't get it. All IM'ers say, oh yeh man, forum marketing rocks.

How am I supposed to forum market if it's not even allowed to include a link?

Any suggestions guys?


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    Start your own health forum. This way, you can post
    whatever you want.
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    Good point Lots of places don't allow you to post signatures until you have reached a certain number of posts, if at all.

    It's something forum owners do to prevent them getting lots of empty posts promoting products just to get a sig link in.

    There are bound to be some out there - you've just got to find them and check the rules out.


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      I have one site in the diet arena and found some forums that allow backlinks but only non commercial - whats the point of that.

      I did find one that I added a link to and it was fine but I spend time there anyway and have a high post number. I added the link after a few months

      I mainly get links from articles on directories to get backlinks

      Your own forum is an option if you can get enough people to join.
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        Could you maybe sign up with a username that is the URL of your site?

        I did that on ebay to great success until they changed the rules.
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        • I hear you. That's one of the most difficult niches to get your URL into your signature. Most...if not all...of them don't allow it. Article marketing and the like might work better for this niche.

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