I want to make ClickBank Products? And Building my JV and List?

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Hi Guys.

I want to make My new ClickBank Products? And Building my JV and List?
What should I need for start make it? and How much investment do I need?

Thanks, Guys
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    Well first off, you need to work on improving your English, that's for sure.
    Now to answer all your other questions, I have one word for you " RESEARCH"
    You have to do your homework first, no one is going to do it for you.
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      I've seen worse English on here. I can understand what he means, give him a break. He can always hire a writer if he needs to write good content.

      My advice would be to check out the WSO's and find yourself a strong, repeatable, scalable method to promote a site. Then just work hard.

      As someone new I would definately recommend you look at free traffic first, until you learn the business. So WSO costs aside you shouldn't need too much investment.
      Viral Marketing Machine ONLY $9! How to create your own viral, monetised, niche websites that AUTO PROMOTE themselves on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Google. NO SITE CONTENT NEEDED![B]
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    Look Buddy ,

    1st- of all you Must Make a High ROI (Return on Investment ) , to avoid refunds and make a relation with your buyers , and in order to do that you Must Understand the Main Components of Irresistible offer which can grasped easily after reading this book

    The Irresistible Offer: How to Sell Your Product...The Irresistible Offer: How to Sell Your Product...
    I'm an Affiliate you can Grab a Used Copy From Ebay .

    2nd- you Need To make a Master Market Research :- you Must your Target Client

    3 Biggest Fears
    3 Biggest Frustration / Disappointment
    3 Biggest Obstacles Standing between then and Solving their problem

    3rd you Must understand that People Buy Solutions ,
    a Pill to make acne go away
    Solution to Remove Blood Stain
    Paste to whiten my Teeth so on

    4th Basically to Succeed in any Business you Need To have
    A- Irresistible Offer Based on High Quality Product [High ROI]
    C-Social Proof
    E-No Dishonest Shortcuts

    5th Remember that Perfection Doesn't Exist on Earth , He Liven In Heavens

    6th Follow the steps of the Giants , Never Invent the Wheel , Addison is Dead

    7th Earth was Built in 7 Days , Step by Step .

    A- Buy a Bunch $30 of Plr (Private Label Rights) will get you a bucket load, Sell them for a Dollar , [You Got a List Buyers Now].

    B- Build a Relationship with them.

    C- Promote Your Main Product to Them

    E- If You Really Got High Gravity on Clickbank Due to high ROI , Affiliate will Come Naturally .

    F- Forget about {Could... , Should.... , Would.....} Just Take Action , our Time in this life Limited actually the count Down has Already Begun Since our First Breath , i Think this why babies are crying haha...

    Best of Luck AKA Research Preparation Planning Action

    Sincerely Adam
    1 Product Pays $40 Commission Sell 25 Earn $1000 1 x $40 x 25 = $1000
    your Internet Business in a Box

    TweetCeo 110% TweetAttacks Clone, Invitation Only

    Adam Gabriel
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    The cost will depend on the type of product surely? And don't worry too much about 'your english', as mentioned above; you can always hire a writer.
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      Try googling the Product Pro System by Greg Rollett. It's a good step by step video and audio guide to product creation, marketing and building JV. The best part is he is super responsive on his members only site to questions. I highly recommend it.

      I second the fact that English shouldn't get in the way of your goals if you get a copywriter. But for all we know, you might be creating your product for a foreign language market. Good Luck!
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    Originally Posted by ExpertSEOServices View Post

    I would look into outsourcing your product until you know exactly what you are doing. I have sent you a PM regarding a service offered here on the forum.
    Can you please PM me too regarding this? Cheers.
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    PS: there's a product over at WSO called something like 'the 4hr product creation' guide. Check it out.
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    i think you should find a strong,acceptable,good looking site.then you should follow the step by step of creating clickbank.
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    This is an awesome post,helped me udnerstand some core stuff about JV
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    What will your product be about?
    What material do you plan to use to create it?
    You may not need any investment apart from the Clickbank fee, but it depends what you are trying to do.
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    No need to buy products on how to increase value or how to create an irresistible offer if you simply include everything in a product you yourself would expect if you where to buy the product from someone else. Be your own customer and seriously create the kind of value you would expect.
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      1st off let me recommend to getting Russ's 2 courses- 1.) The Money Tree Method (awesome course on creating an info product) and 2.) Russ's launch workshop @ russfufino.com/wso - It's an exclusive course spefically to launch your first WSO from start to finish.

      Now the first course is not that expensive, but worth the price of $16.45, the 2nd one is expensive but it is worth it to launch your first WSO, either one price of $1997 or 2 payments of $998.50.
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