The Gods Are Laughing At Me LOL

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Okay, so I'm heading for my absolute best month in my 5 year plus history
of marketing (in August no less with a lousy economy) and I'm like $200
away from breaking it with a week to go (I make more than that in a day
usually) and suddenly...everything has stopped cold dead.

For 2 days now.

So the God's are going to make me sweat this one out LOL.

Okay, I know, it's a lousy 200 bucks and so what if it's only my second best
month in history. Who cares, right? Besides, I have 4 checks coming to me
sometime this week from 4 different online sites I do business with, one for
over $200 alone, so I'm going to break it.

But I just find it amusing that something that should have happened 2 days
ago is going to be dragged out...just a little bit to make me squirm.

Oh yes, there is a point to this post and you need to get it if you're going
to understand what Internet marketing is REALLY all about.

1. Nothing is guaranteed. Just when you think you're at the top of the
world, it can all come crashing down. Think I'm kidding? Look at all the
stars over the years who have fallen either because of their own bad
choices or because of factors outside of their control. Sometimes bad
things happen to good people.

2. Don't take your success for granted. Don't get cocky. Because one day
you might not have it. Appreciate what you have when you have it. And
if you DO have success, give to others. I don't mean your money. I mean
your knowledge. Help others be successful. I truly believe that what goes
around comes around.

Yeah, I'm going to break my all time best month (If I don't I'll freakin shoot
myself...J/K) but who knows, next month could be a very bad month. Hell,
I could get hit by a truck driving to the store.

My point is, please live every day like it's your last. It all goes oh so fast
and before you know it, it's gone. We all want to think that we're immortal.

If only it were so.

So when the God's laugh at you...laugh back.

Keep your spirit.

Never lose faith.

And remember you're never alone.
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