Any tips/tricks for selling sites on Flippa?

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Hello Warriors,

I need your help, again!

I have a couple of websites that I never got around to SEO'ing but get some nice organic traffic. I was figuring I could just sell them, and I know Flippa is the place to do it.

Only problem is, I am not too familiar with the site. I've also gathered from some people that it isn't necessarily the easiest thing in the world to sell relatively entry-level sites on there. Are bids hard to get?

Does anyone have any tips or tricks that can help me to sell these couple sites I have?


Matt P
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    Any info on this? I'm sure there are people here that have sold sites there!

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      I have sold two sites on flippa - one was a real estate site which was monetized, but had pretty low traffic - I sold it, for around $200. I think it had 4 bids on it.

      The other one was a drop shipping site that sold for more than what I was asking, in the mid $x,xxx - so I was happy.

      So, I think sites will get bids on flippa (and sell) it's just a matter of what you want to price it at and sometimes the lowest price you'll accept.

      Hope that helps!
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    $1 starting bid, no reserve. The 'most active' search is a popular one with buyers-
    so a lot of small bids will get more people to the auction. Don't buy the listing upgrades (waste of money in my opinion)- except for the pricey front page upgrade.

    And screen shots, lots and lots of screen shots.

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    Thanks everyone! I'll check it out and just fire the gun I guess!

    Wish me luck =)

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    And make sure to show proof of your traffic and adsense earnings (if you have adsense).
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      yeah you really need to put Google analytics. offer escrow as an option. Also the copy really does make a difference. Try to sound like a business owner, not a 14 year old... It will sell for more if you have at least a minimum of monetization in place(even adsense will do the trick, but it has to have a proven track record)
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    Hey Matthew - we get this question a lot at Flippa which is why we put together a definitive guide on how to most effectively sell your website. You can get it for free at (free as in no-charge!). Let us know if it helps.

    Flippa Marketplace: Buy a website | Sell a website

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