What is considered a good conversion rate?

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With regards to lists, what is considered a good conversion rate?

Also, does anybody have experience of the conversion rate of direct mail mailing lists?
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    i believe a good conversion rate would be something like 5-8% of your visitors....so if you have lets say 1000 unique visits a day...if you manage to make 40-50 sales that thats a v good conversion rate...tho from what ive read on alot of forums and blogs of marketers...many of them dont go past 2-3%....
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      That's about right. With a salesletter, it's around 2%.

      With email lists (where you've already built an existing relationship), the click through rate is usually 10% and the salesletter will convert at around 10%.

      So with a list of 100, 1 will buy.
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          Generally speaking most people hit for a 2% conversion

          Just keep in mind a 1% percent increase to 1% conversion is a 100% increase to your business and so on.

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            Well, here is a question...

            My ezinearticles get about a 12% clickthrough rate. Is that good? Or is it different since we are talking articles?
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                Edmund Loh who does PLR shared with me about conversion for OTO which can go up to 50% or even 100%.

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                  12% isn't bad but you can definitely improve on it.

                  There are several ways you can do that.

                  A lot of people tell you to provide a solution in your article. I do mine a little bit differently.

                  I write my articles to pull out the pain and the frustrations of the reader and then provide a solution in my bio.

                  Your bio should be the solution to the problem of the reader.

                  I think the primary thing here is that you need to really dig into the mind of the reader and pull out their emotions, using psychological triggers.

                  I've recently been doing this on my articles and I'm getting almost exactly 50% click through rates.

                  Writing articles is definitely a science and strategy is not as simple as people make it seem to be.

                  You got to get clever, the main thing is work on a strategy to get people to click on your bio.

                  Frank Bruno
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