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The other day I started a thread asking whether my writing was good enough to head away from fiverr, the general consensus was that it was. One of the warriors told me to man up and take the plunge, which is exactly what I done.

Within less than a week I have secured a contract worth around £3000 per month to write about English Law for a legal firm. Contract will last 6 months. I secured this job as my speciality is in English Law, which many people do not do. Work is around 5 Hours a day including research (1000 words a day)

So there, that is my success story. £3000 a month in less than a week! (It's around $5000 by the way)

So my advice to everybody....Man up!
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    Congratulations Ryan!

    You definitely have the talent to write, and your expertise in a field most people are not familiar with, has given you a big edge! I am sure this is just the start for the very successful and lucrative writing career that lies ahead of you.

    I hope this serves as an inspiration to other people who are just waiting for things to happen. You need to take the plunge at some point if you want to make it big. It doesn't always pay off, but you always learn something; and when it does pay off, it is totally worth it!

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      Wow! Congrats man!

      Goes to show how we should never underestimate our talents. The time to pursue the better and take it to a new level, might be just now.
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    Well done!

    I'm always happy to see a writer get paid more than $5!

    Want to share with other writers any tips for getting your name out there, outside of fiver?
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      Originally Posted by Premier Plugins View Post

      Well done!

      I'm always happy to see a writer get paid more than $5!

      Want to share with other writers any tips for getting your name out there, outside of fiver?
      I tried ODesk but I couldn't find anything that really grabbed my attention. So I built a quick website about learning Law and emailed a few companies in my local area that offer legal services (made sure that they were a fairly decent sized company rather than specialising in one thing). Told them how being seen as an authority will help them gain custom and how having their name attached to a website like this will help them gain popularity. I got three people snapping and they bid for use of the website (not online yet). Bids ranged from £1500-£5000 a month, although I wouldn't have been able to keep up with the demands of writing on the £5000 a month website. I opted for the middle ground, it gives me enough to survive on, whilst leaving enough time and money to invest in other projects.

      So really, my top tip is aim to do what you know best. People are willing to pay for it!
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    Good job man! It's refreshing to see that writing online is still profitable in terms of earning big dollars especially for newbies.
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    Wow, congratulations.
    I want to earn that too.
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    Well done on taking action, let hope this inspires some others.

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    Awesome! Congrats Ryan!
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    Well done Ryan.

    Everyone can always achieve so much more than they believe if they're willing to step out of their comfort zone. You're a fantastic example of that!

    - Trevor


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    You've taken action and succeeded. Wish you all the best!
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