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For a newbie, starting from Affliate or Adsense is easier?

I am a newbie, and I am now working with Amazon affliate - but some people advice me that it should be better if I start with adsense.

Any ideas or inputs are very welcome.

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    Hi Chirdpong,

    I don't think there is any hard and fast rule about which to start first, it all depends on your niche and your traffics. One thing to note is that for Adsense, you need to have size-able traffics before you can earn meaningful income..

    Having said that, many people actually do both at the same time.

    All the best.

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    My take is that only if your traffic is considerable go to Adsense. Google bans Adsense accounts for many reasons you can't think off. Start with Affiliate, get to know how to get traffic and build Adsense sites. You can earn on Adsense only if you have considerable traffic.
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    Your doing the right thing,leave Adsense for a while,until you have more experience.
    Its dark but...I glow!
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    Thank all for advice.

    So, it seem I am now doing the right thing, right? The rests is just doing the right things right!
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    If you do affiliate marketing the right way and build mailing
    list with it, you stand to earn more money than Adsense.

    Google Adsense team can be erratic when banning Adsense
    accounts, and it can hurt your enthusiasm to make money
    online if you are unfortunate to become their victim.
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    Hey Chirdpong, The niche you are currently in right now is going to be the one who decides for you. You will want to do some background information about your niche to see if you can invest your time with Adsense, personally i dont know much about Amazon and how thier affiliate programs work. I do hope warriors can help you with more detailed information.
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    You can do both.

    In my opinion, it really depends on:
    1) The Topic/Niche of your Website
    2) The Type of Traffic/Visitors you have coming in.

    You need to think about whether Adsense or Affiliate products are more interesting for your visitors.
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    Stick with affiliate monies for now. You can always throw an adsense banner on a site later.
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