Anyone use a fake name or a fake photo?

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Lots of landing pages show a pic (usually of a guy in a suit, cuz that looks all professional, when we know that IRL it's some guy who hasn't shaved in a week and shaggy hair who hasn't left his house in days ) next to a paragraph that says something like "Hi, my name is Joe Smith and I'm going to introduce to you the [insert whatever you're selling] system..."

How many of you guys use pen names?

How many of you use pics that aren't really of you?

Just wondering.
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    I use both but I'm pretty upfront about it. :p
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    And how many will tell if they do or don't?
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    I use my real name with a real photo.

    Pretty cute aren't I?
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    Yeah Ron. You are very cute ...

    BTW: I always use my real name and photo...
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    I often use a pen name (the Old Coot) but always use my own picture - I need the sympathy vote!

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      I used my own name and pic It took me a long time to get this good looking!

      Charles E. White
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        Originally Posted by Charles E. White View Post

        I used my own name and pic It took me a long time to get this good looking!
        Lol. You're certainly attractive based on your avatar here!
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    Yep - this is me - but to my readers I will always be 35! I never pay much attention to testimonials unless they're high profile. But - it's part of the sell, what people expect to see....

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      Hey mate,

      I use my REAL name.

      Which now is Twenty Twenty.

      Of course I was born with a different one....

      Changing my name legally, seems to help people get that I

      1. Am a little out there. (Which I am...)
      2. A lot committed to my Vision (Which I am too.)

      I changed my name to Twenty Twenty, the most commonly associated number with Vision, to help me help myself and others to discover and live up to their Inner Visions.

      Have a great day, and live your vision.... no body else can!

      Twenty Twenty
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    Alright I confess...

    I was never on the cover of Success magazine. I Photoshopped my face on there.

    Sorry to dissapoint

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