Could y'all help bring me up to speed please???

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Hello everybody,

First I would like to say that this forum is an excellent resource to have access to. I just want to thank all of the members and the folks in charge that make this forum possible. I have been out of the IM loop for a while and had a few questions I was hoping some of you heavy hitters could answer for me.

I know that Google has changed some of the rules over the last 6-12 months when it comes to getting indexed and found. I have made some money online and amazingly still get occasional sales on a couple of Clickbank products that I built Squidoo lenses around from a few years ago.

What I did back then was build pages using Squidoo and Hub Pages. Then I wrote some articles at Ezine and linked the articles to the lenses and hubs using a cheap .info domain that I purchased from Godaddy.

I'm still interested in Clickbank but I would like to build some sites of my own and link up with Amazon or Share a Sale. I'm sure that I will also try to make some money from Google as well.

I did build a site of my own using Word Press which took a while but I finally figured it out. My site has never earned me more than a few bucks a month from Amazon but looking back it seems to be more of an information site than a ready to buy something site.

My financial goal in the near future is to average $50 a day in online income.

Here are my questions for the members of the forum.

1. Can money still be made by simply creating quality content on sites like Squidoo and Ezine and linking them to a small niche based website that features products from Amazon?

2. When you place Google ads on your WP blogsite did you get paid by people clicking on the ads or by buying items that the Google ads are linked to?

3. I have seen several threads that emphasize building an email list as a major factor in building an income online. Is list building generally based around Clickbank or make money online products? Do IM'ers build list to promote physical products as well?

4. Is the duplicate content rule a myth? I read some older threads that basically said that it was ok to publish your own content on both EZ and your blogsite.

5. Besides creating articles what are some of the popular ways to gather traffic to your site that won't get you into hot water with Google?

I know that's a lot of stuff to ask but I'm really interested in getting the ball rolling and bringing in some extra $$$. Thanks for the help

#bring #speed #yall
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    Nice of you to ask these useful questions. The thing is that's a lot of unrelated questions.

    You might better of asking a single question per thread, especially if what you want is related to different topics. That way you are most likely to get responses from people who understand each area you want to know about.

    All the best!
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      Thanks, I will break it down into smaller segments

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    Hey Scott,

    Very useful questions. To sum up, I agree with 'Adwords Mogul' but I just wanted to mention one thing.

    Article Marketing is still very popular and there are many people who use it to make small commissions. The disadvantage to article marketing is that it's very hard to scale and is also time consuming. Not going to lie, article marketing is how I made my first $1000 in IM but if you are looking for a sustainable business then you probably want to venture outside of ONLY article marketing. (Quick Tip: I read in multiple places that video converts 800x better than text so video marketing is also very useful)
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    You can easily make good money at squidoo without linking to a site - a really good way to do it to integrate what you are wanting is to make a good sales lens at squidoo AND link it to your site for the backlink. Best of both worlds. Traffic and sales at both sites.
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    It's tough to just rely on search traffic. You got to find more ways to get visitors. Participate in relevant forums, build an authority, build a list but most importantly solve a problem. If your site can help someone save money or time then people will reach for their wallets or click on your link.
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    4. Is the duplicate content rule a myth? I read some older threads that basically said that it was ok to publish your own content on both EZ and your blogsite.

    No it's not a myth, duplicate content does indeed cripple your rankings (we have seen it with some of our clients when optimizing their sites). There are exceptions but if you intend on having your whole site duplicated content then don't expect much traffic from SEs.
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