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by Nelson Felix Banned
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if i want sell a site that making $120/month from adsense, how much should i flippa it for? how much fees for the listing? any other suggestion?

thanks for any advice
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    Usually it should be at least 10 times the monthly income. In your case, It should at least sell for $1200.

    For listing you need to spend $19 plus 5% on sold price. For more details check out here.

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    Hi 92 - if you're site is making money it will no doubt also have traffic. Both are attractive to buyers. Remember you can set your opening bid to whatever you want but you won't need to sell until it hits reserve - @av54's suggestion is not a bad price point for this.

    Flippa Marketplace: Buy a website | Sell a website

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    My suggestion would be start your open bid as low as possible and with no reserve, that will attract you more bids.
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    If you are new to Flippa you definitely want to set your reserve at $1 until you got a few auctions successfully completed.

    The listing fee is $19, and Flippa charges you 5% for whatever your site should sell, but no more than $2000 total.

    How much you get for a website depends on how much it has been making for the last months on average, age, niche, your reputation..
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    Here's how I would setup the listing:

    Starting Price - $1
    Reserve - $1000
    BIN - $1995

    Fees would be:
    Listing - $19
    Screenshot - $20
    Success Free - $100 (hopefully)
    Escrow Fee - $32
    Total - $171

    Actual amount going in your pocket (using BIN) - $1824
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