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I was going through my hard drive the other day
and found a product that organizes my PLR.

I hate having learn how to use new tools all of the time
and I knew I didn't need this one. But it got me to thinking
do you know this trick?

I have a lot of PLR articles and until I need some on a particular topic
I keep them all as either text or word docs in one folder.

Here is the trick. Lets say I need articles on coffee. I open my article
storage folder first.

Next I click on "Search" at the top of my tool bar. Then a window opens
on the left side of my screen.

Next I click on the link in that window that says Documents...
The window changes and I click on Use Advanced Search Options.
Next I type in the word coffee, I make sure it says that it is searching
in my articles folder. It says "Look in:"
Hit the search button.

Here's the cool part, another window pops up with all of the articles that have "coffee" in the title.
I select them all
Select cut
Go back to my article folder
Add a new folder labeled "Coffee"
Paste in my coffee articles, this takes them all out of my main folder
and puts them into the coffee folder.

Now you can go back and repeat this for all of your related terms.

See you don't need more tools you already have them.

You can do this for anything on your hard drive.

By the way reading this took longer than it takes to do it.

Please note: My Microsoft software maybe different than yours
so things may not work exactly as mine, but yours will do
the same thing.

#free #tip
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    Thanks for the tip.

    I am just going try it out right now , I will report back with my results

    Many Thanks
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    Good tip. I have alot of PLR...thanks

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    Awesome tip! Beats my yellow lined paper system.
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