Kickstarter + Affiliate JV's... Can it be done?

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Hi there,

I have JV partners who have done mailings for us to their list as affiliates and are happy to do so again (for some kind of affiliate cut).

Now we're looking to do a launch on Kickstarter.

Problem is... with Kickstarter there is no tracking on which funder came from which JV partners mailout... and without tracking I'm not sure how to offer any kind of affiliate deal.

So, if you had JV partners willing to promote for a cut, but no real list of your own, how would you go about promoting a Kickstarter campaign?
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    Great question. Any ideas?
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    Not totally sure on how Kickstarter reports their funder information, but you could maybe try and offer some sort of incentive to those that do come through your JV partners whereby they have to enter their transaction # (or whatever Kickstarter provides) to claim their bonus. Then just count how many people actually claimed.

    The only way I can think to do this is if the funder takes the action on "reporting" wheather he/she funded.

    Just an idea.

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    I'd certainly be interested in that. What I have done is create a page on our web that the affiliate can use to send traffic, that leads to our KickStarter page. Unfortunately, we can't compensate them for the funds raised, but since the cookie is set on our site, they're set up for sales after the Kickstarter campaign ends (of course providing that the cookie remains).

    Would prefer your method, but don't know if that's possible
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    Have you tried Indiegogo? They might have some tracking...
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    I'd planned on doing this, and just requesting their source when they provide the info for their gift. I suppose if you have tiers that don't get any sort of reward, it might be tougher to gather than info though.

    I am not a survivor.

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    With Indiegogo unique referral links are generated for each user. Using these links the campaign owner can track what traffic came from who.
    Hopper, The Instagram Scheduling Tool - Established Tech Startup with 1500+ Users.

    Hopper Affiliate Program: 15% Recurring Monthly Commissions. Thoroughly tested sales funnel. $10-$250+ Product Sales Prices.
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    If you've got access to your own traffic, there's little value in running a KickStarter for it and giving up their %. Unless you can generate enough interest in a very mainstream product that the site itself will pick up.

    Just run it yourself, on your own page, using any regular affiliate tracker. Both DigiResults and JVZoo allow for product variations on the same page which you can use for the different tiers and they'll handle the affiliate tracking/payments for you.

    With the added bonus that you are completely in control of your own sales page and it won't have all the usual KickStarter leaks on it.
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    Hey guys!

    This is a bit late, but I just saw this post. We actually built software to do exactly what you're looking to do :-) It's the world's first affiliate program for Kickstarter!

    If you're running a Kickstarter campaign it's free to use and you only pay if affiliates earn commission. Here's where you can create an affiliate program right now:

    If you're into affiliate marketing too, it's pretty awesome because it's a very unsaturated market!

    If you have any questions let me know.

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