new ebay fee's !! and how do US mailboxes work?

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hey guys,

I just got an email from ebay to advise me that fee's are increasing!! Oh Great!

It has become apparent to me that the fee's are alot lower, so my question is this,

how do I open a US ebay account if im from the UK? I list my items in the .com site anyway as they are not physical items but still have to pay the UK fee structure.

To open a US ebay account I guess I just have to have a US postal address right? If thats the case would it work to just rent a US PO BOX from the many online companies?

Would that work?

Any thoughts appreciated.

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    I think that would work. You would also probably want to have a credit card with that address as well. The problem you are going to have is forwarding any mail that might get sent to that PO BOX.

    Google "mail forwarding service" and you'll find places that let you rent an address and will also forward anything to you that comes to that address.

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      I don't know if this would work, but you might scan a few of the ads and try contacting some of the current UK sellers. Ask 'em what THEY had to do in order to use, and what kind of fees they're up against.

      Just might work!

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      You won't be able to get a US mailbox if you live in the UK. When you apply for a PO Box you have to provide two forms of ID (such as a drivers license) proving that you have a current permanent physical address in the US.

      There are private mail box services like the UPS Store that might be easier to get if you don't reside in the US but it's a lot more expensive. My PO box cost about $58 per year vs a private mail box in the UPS store was about $15-20 per month.
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        I dont need the mailbox to actually receive mail I just need it so I have an address in the US so I can use that address to sign up for an account. I have had a personal account for over 5 years and have received 1 mail shot from them i that time so thats not a problem.

        There are companies online who do this, one company charges $20 per month for a basic mailbox which would work just fine as I dont need a huge space for mail.

        In regards to the credit card I can just link the account to my usual paypal account and hopefully have no problems.

        The address is just for the sole purpose of getting an account and nothing else, no mail no payments just the trading account. The only problem I see is if ebay will accept a mailbox address to setup an account, if they do this should in theory work, right??


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