Can a Static Blog Fetch You Money?

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My question is whether a static blog can fetch money or not. We all speak about static websites. Static blogs that are without comments or that have disabled their comment sections are not rare these days. Do you say that these blogs fetch money for the owners as any dynamic blog would?
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    I would go with the Dynamic Blog myself. At least that way when visitors arrive to your site they will be able to see some "social proof" Having positive feedback and comments will only help to increase your reputation to your audience...

    However a friend of mine did some split testing. He was selling a High Ticket, very specialized course through his blog. He always had the landing page as his Blog page but changed it to a static page - with just the sales copy.

    His conversions almost doubled and he was very happy with himself. Now I know that wasn't exactly your question but maybe one should try both? Split test them and compare stats and keep the winner as your default.
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    If you do it right they can.

    I taught a friend how to set up a site, how to start blogging etc. It was all on mens fashion and how you could score bargain deals and stuff.

    He posted on it every other day and after about a month he was making about $30 a day. That was only with about 150 visits per day as well.
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    It depends on the niche of the static blog as well. If the niche does not necessitate any further additions in content then it can still fetch good money for the owner.
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