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A simple question - I would love to get some constructive feedback.

I have been in the IM world for a few years and have learned a lot, I understand a lot of concepts and strategies and how things work in the IM world.

Finally after going over all possible option to take action I decided to go with list building because it just makes the most sense for me right now

I made an action plan to build a list in the IM niche.. So am pretty much ready to go, just waiting for a little more input from you guys.

My main questions is. If you provide a great freebie to get sign ups and keep providing great content, free products and genuine advice to your list can you still make a list these days with so much competition because almost everyone is building a list in the IM niche..

Second thing.. Can you really build a list by simply buying solo ads at for example safe-swaps..

of course I will provide value and really work on building a relationship but just to take those other 2 factors into account...

thanks a lot!

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    yeah you can build a list very fast with solo ads

    i use solo ads all the time and they work great. you can build a good list using solo ads alone

    what i will say is though, you need to be offering some good value as your free offer otherwise your squeeze page conversions will be very low and right from the start you will be struggling to make your campaigns profitable with a low converting squeeze page

    i cant comment on safe swaps never used it

    i tend to do things my own way and compile my own list of profitable solo ads rather than use places that are widely known and popular

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    Originally Posted by zenman108 View Post

    A simple question - I would love to get some constructive feedback.

    I made an action plan to build a list in the IM niche.. So am pretty much ready to go, just waiting for a little more input from you guys.

    To answer your question directly, YES you can STILL Build a list. Remember that the internet is still in its infancy. It is not too late. What you are asking is almost as if you were asking, can I build a successful brick and mortar business? There are many factors that may go into your business's success, one of these factors is your FOCUS and your Determination to make it. You may fail and stumble a few times, but it will happen for you. There is only so many times that you can fall, until you start getting the hang of it.

    Remember that everything is learn-able and that if you stick to it you can succeed, NO... YOU WILL SUCCEED.

    Also, STOP WAITING. Get going NOW. You are the determining factor here, no one else... The best way of learning is Implementing it... If you don't you will never learn. Seriously, I did not start to see a breakthrough in my business until I started failing and making mistakes and then correcting them.

    I hope this helps. It is possible to build a list. Just because Myspace was an established social network, this did not stop facebook. I know that starting a social network is completely alien to some of us, but it is an example. I know, you are right about the competition, but that is what makes this business worth while. You can find better ways of doing things and that is why building this relationship with people matters so much. In fact, if you can find traffic sources where you can build a relationship with people before they are on your list, even better.

    I am talking about TRAFFIC SOURCES LIKE

    Video Marketing
    Forum Marketing
    Social Media Marketing such as Facebook

    Places you can provide value before they get on your list.

    I hope this helps... I always provide long responses, so I can better provide value.

    To Your Success,


    Always remember that with the proper action, persistence and determination, "SUCCESS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER"
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    Thank guys! Thanks!
    "Everything is revealed in a still mind"
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