Opt In Form On Sales Page Scares Away Affiliates?

by coreytucker 10 replies
Is it true that opt in forms on a sales page scares away affiliates?
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    Hi Corey,

    I am new to IM but have been an old fashion marketer in the real world for years... (maybe that makes me an old gezzer I suppose!!)

    My two cents worth is this.... an optin in any sales letter not only worries affiliates but also provide a unnecessary distraction to the main objective which is to sell !

    As for affiliates I would be concern that potentials I send to the site gets "reconverted"

    Solution ; Maybe you might want to have a separate squeeze page or campaign to build your list and then promote your product to them.

    Or Install one of these new scripts that pop up only when visitors click off and try catching them from there ... Affiliates will still worry though

    Just my two cents worth !
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      I tend to steer clear of sales pages that have opt-in boxes on them, especially if I'm going to be trying to collect an opt-in myself.

      So, as an affiliate, I tend to look for pages that I can pitch without confusing the potential buyer...
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        I did my own testings to determine if it is worth
        to be an affiliate for sale pages with optin forms.

        I signed up and waited to see what would have
        arrived to my email inbox.

        The first email promoted again the same product,
        but all the following emails promoted other products
        with affiliate links.

        This happened all the 3 times I tested a sale page
        with optin form.

        So I determined it wasn't worth for me to be an
        affiliate for that kind of sale pages.

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          You guys are crazy...

          While I wont promote a product that forces optin (ie squeeze page) I will certainly promote one that has a popup or inline optin right on the sales page if they have the right tracking mechanism.

          For example... my affiliate program tracks by ip and cookie and I pay on back end sales.

          An opt in means that you might be getting paid commissions from sales of not only the initial product but also back end products.

          No optin form means that you sent someone to my site and only had one chance to get them to buy.

          All of my affiliates conversion rates increase over time.... even when they only mailed one time! And my conversion rates are some of the best in my niche.

          I challenge you to read that statement again if you do not understand what I just said and how it relates immediately to your profit.
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            I agree with Josh on this. I have some niche products with optin forms on the sales pages (not squeeze pages), the autoresponder messages just promote that product, and the affiliate gets credit as long as the cookie is still there (which I have no control over).

            Seems crazy to dismiss all such sites just because some may be selling things you don't get credit for. You might as well decide that since a few people don't pay their affiliates, you won't be an affiliate for anyone.
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              I tend to avoid them for the same reasons that freemnet,
              mr2monster and xmx have stated.
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                Yes. I personally would stay away from sites like these.

                I never tried to promoste sites iwth opt in form on sales page

                Those who did, i want to know the success rate.
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                  Sorry if we confused you with the facts.
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            Originally Posted by Josh Anderson View Post

            You guys are crazy...

            I totally agree. You guys are nuts and I think dismissing a product because of an opt-in form is a huge mistake. Unless those follow-ups are stealing your lead by redirecting with their own affiliate link, those opt-in forms should be designed to close the deal for you.

            Sure some people have ill-intentions, but check them out yourself first and see just how strong and effective the follow-up campaign is.

            My sales mostly close on the follow-ups.

            Knowing that, in order to make more money for affiliates, my #1 goal is to get those visitors to opt-in first. That way I can do my part to help close more deals and get the commission the affiliate deserves.

            If it wasn't for that simple opt-in box, there would be opportunity passing by for affiliates to earn more money.

            Originally Posted by xmx

            The first email promoted again the same product,
            but all the following emails promoted other products
            with affiliate links.
            Hopefully that product owner didn't only promote affiliate products, but there's nothing wrong to throw a couple in the mix now and again. But even so, who cares?

            Are you going to prevent that customer your referred from ever opting in to any list online?

            I can see how that might be a problem if they opt-in and are taken away from the sales page. But as long as they are redirected back to the sales page during the opt-in process I don't understand why that would be an issue.

            A one time follow up is better than just letting them leave the page forever.

            Hopefully you collect that visitors email before sending them to the sales page as well so you can do a combined effort to earn that commission.

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