Why starting list building is so hard (even if you're not lazy)

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Have you read about list building as one of the most important things to do in internet marketing? Have you even read it a couple of hundred times?

And: are you still struggling to actually start list building for your business?

Welcome to the club.

I don't talk about those who actually take no action at all. But rather about those who take action on things like content creation and traffic building because this feels more comfortable and familiar. There's only one problem: content creation and traffic building does not bring the money.

You know that and you're still hardworking on those things instead of having the courage to start building that **** list?

(somebody in the forum called it "mental masturbation" when you're working but not focusing on making money at all)

Have you experienced that? How did you overcome this problem?

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    lol "mental masturbation"!

    I guess it is all about determination and testing/trying different things in order to generate traffic and have a decent signup rate. Different traffic has different quality.

    When list building I always think from the users point of view to try to target my campaign to their interests.
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    because of your your interest on working & experiance like pratice make man perfect,
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    I do not understand why you say traffic generation and content creation does not bring money.

    Think about it. How does anyone make money on Internet? If you do not have traffic you're not going to make money. Whether it be paid traffic or search engine traffic is irrelevant. You have to have traffic to make money no matter where it comes from.

    Content creation whether it be content for your website or content that you package and sell will make you money when it is combined with traffic.

    Even with list building you have to get traffic to your squeeze page and create content to give the people a reason to give their e-mail address to you.
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    It all comes down to traffic and conversions at the end of the day, that being said if have traffic but generating any sales then you need to work on your conversions.
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    The autoresponder providers such as aweber, mail chimp, constant contact are all so expensive. The more economical way to do it is to install an autoresponder script on your own server. There are some open source ones available that you can use for free. This can save $$$ a month compared to using an autoresponder company.

    Visit my official blog: James Winsoar and learn how to generate 30+ new FREE leads a day on auto-pilot!

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    I have been there in the past and the reason so many are STILL lost is simply because 99% of the information out there does not guide these people and show them exactly how to make it work.

    The day this all changed for me was the day i stopped focusing on creating content and building baclinks and started to focus solely on building a list. Paid traffic is simply the fastest way to online success but unfortunately a lot of people getting into internet marketing are on tight budgets and feel they cannot afford to go down this route. Little do they realize is that if they want to be successful, they MUST treat this like a business and start do everything possible to get results.

    There are free ways to drive traffic to a landing page but it is a much slower procedure. Forum marketing, social marketing, article marketing and video marketing work remarkably well when implemented in the right way, but you have to be consistent and use these strategies every single day.

    Paid advertising is the quickest approach and you have to ask yourself "how badly do i want this?" If your drive and determination to make it work are very strong, then you will get the money you need no matter what. If you cannot do this then maybe you are not cut out to run a real business. Get a part time job, mow lawns, clean bloody toilets if you have to just to get your seed money.

    By the way, i wasn't directing this response at you solely, just what is necessary for anybody to do if they want to create a real business online. The truth is, there are many ways to succeed online, the question is not whether a certain strategy works or not, it is whether or not your drive and determination to make it work are strong enough.
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    If hard work alone was the source of all money then construction workers would be the richest people in the world.

    You need to work smart, not hard. Filling your websites with 50 articles (of devastating quality) everyday is also hard work, and making just one article after an entire day of extensive research and editing is also hard work. Which site among the two will register profits?

    If your work isn't fetching the results you're looking for then it means there's some error in your method. You need to keep split-testing to see from which directions you're getting the best and most effective & efficient results.

    I suppose you are a writer, and for you, improving the quality of your articles should do the trick.

    I am familiar with the problem of working-but-not-making-money. I split those activities. Half of them, I gave up; and the other half, I found ways to make money with them. :p
    Making Money without Websites
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    Yes, I right there now. I am working hard but not only struggling to get some extra income. I guess it's just a matter of patience and developing knowledge and experience.
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    I think every blogger, website owner, internet marketer, etc has a bit of trouble with this aspect. List building can quite tough and take some time. Persistence really is key and split testing. You need to give your readers as many chances as possible to opt in to your site. Offer free giveaways and e-books is a popular method. My big tip is to increase the number of opt in boxes. If you take a look at my site Make The Money Online Dot Com i have an opt in at the top of my site, in my side bar, in every single post, and in my comment section. Then you really just have to focus on driving the traffic and they are bound to opt in at one of your boxes. Obviously unique quality content is also a big factor to drive the traffic in the first place but I think you get the idea.

    Hope this helps
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