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What is the best place to get/buy a product to offer as a freebie for your squeeze page if you don't have your own product?

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    The best place is to create one.

    It is not that hard to create your own ebook or report on a topic you are interested in.
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    free ebooks directories, free audiobooks directories are ones to go
    Those who have time and search for a better time will lose time (Sufi Proverb)
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    You could:

    1. Hire someone to create one for you (or create it yourself).

    2. Buy resell rights or master resell rights.

    3. Buy private label rights. (A better option than the previous one, because you can make it your own -- you can even turn it into a different format, like a video.)

    4. Get your hands on a rebrandable free ebook (which allows you to insert your own affiliate links).

    5. Interview people in your niche or ask them for an article to create your own freebie. (Using your affiliate link for the products listed in their bylines, of course.)

    Lots of possibilities. "Best" depends on your goal, your budget, etc.

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