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If you're buying WSO's and you never get results, here's how to make this stuff work for your business.

First off, understand that there is a lot junk in every market place. There are often people complaining about the products on the WSO forum, but to be honest, you will find the best products at the best prices right here.

If you don't give due diligence to a WSO before purchasing, that is your mistake and you learn from it. Don't buy from that person again and do more research before your next purchase... it's as simple as that. We've all bought crap and have been pissed about it.

That being said, there are tons of excellent WSO creators out there that deliver top quality tricks and techniques in every department. I will just mention a few who I follow. I'm not selling any of their products either. I'm just a big fan who spies on their every move to get better :-)

CraigRC - Excellent marketer who has taught me a lot with his superb WSOs. He also gives regular reviews to his list for new WSOs that have been launched. So, you can always keep up with WSOs that actually help.

Fuad Tolieb - Fuad produces amazingly simple techniques that give big results. I remember the first WSO I purchased of his, I was a little upset because it was a short 10 minute video that cost me $17... that's it. But, then I put the simple method into play and made almost $100 the next day from it. If you still don't see the value there, leave now.

Maria Gudelis - If your business has anything to do with servicing other businesses, Maria will be your go to girl (that sounds naughty...). It's not only a blast being a part of her sales funnel, but her affiliate program offers some great benefits. She knows how to help you make money.

SimpleSpencer - Spencer is really hitting the social media marketing thing hard lately and he is producing mega results for his readers. His WSOs are simple to follow and implement. I've used some of his recent Facebook marketing techniques and I can't complain one bit.

So there are 4 top WSO sellers. Each of their WSOs will return great results if you use it the right way and they cover most of the bases. Now, you can't complain about buying crap.

Now the question is how to make these things work.

I know that I've often fell victim to purchasing brand new WSOs, reading them through, loving the method explained, but never actually put it into play. This is no good. It's really just a waste of money.

When you spend money on a WSO, it's an investment into your business.

So, let's think about a few things before buying a WSO. First off, only buy a WSO that's going to help you now. You want things that you can put into place this week to benefit you. So, what do you need help with right now in your business?

It can only be a handful of things...

- Do you have no clue about internet marketing and you need to learn the basics? Find a WSO that teaches a complete money making system start to finish. Something to teach you about creating a business is best.

- Do you have a website and/or a sales funnel like building a list? NO... Go buy a WSO on how to do these things.

- Is traffic your problem? Then, buy a product on traffic generation.

- Made you're first dollar, but now you want to turn it into a $10k/month business? There are lots of WSOs on outsourcing, and expanding.

Once you finally come to terms with what your business needs, you will have a much better chance of seeing results.

If you don't, and you just buy that new hot product, they will end up sitting on your hard drive. Trust me. I have a large graveyard in the top corner of my desktop.

Alright so now you've purchased the WSO, how can you make it actually work for you?

The other day, like I often do, I purchased a new WSO looking for updates to my search engine optimization game.

In the WSO, there was an awesome explanation of a new technique for gaining top quality backlinks.

Now, like most buyers, I could of just read the WSO and learned the method.

But, it takes more than learning something to make it work for you... The next step is turning it into a working system.

The first thing I did is take out a peice of paper and write down each simple step to the method in order. I like to act as if I'm giving directions to my 18 year old brother who has no clue about any of this IM stuff.

Sometimes, WSOs will include these simple step by step plans which is useful to eliminate this step (hint hint future WSO creators).

Now, you have an easy to follow step by step plan. It's a good idea to follow it through at least one time. Record your screen the entire time you follow the WSO. Use Camtasia or CamStudio for this.

You are now holding a video and step by step explanation to your newly learned method.

Throughout the system, take notice to areas you will be able to track and test results. For example, Facebook offers fan pages insights. Keeping an eye on your statistics and not just the sales you make is important.

The next step is going to throw a few of you for a loop because I'm going to spend more money... uh oh, don't forget it is an investment. Since you're only spending $5-$10 on the WSO, you can at least invest an extra $40 to make it work...

Anyways, I now look for a nice and reliable outsourcer. You can find a VA quick through Skype, eLance, or ODesk. You're going to hire these outsourcers for 1-2 hours/day for the next 2 weeks. Attempt to find a VA that is skilled in the particular topic you are hiring them to do.

Most of these tasks are extremely trivial when they are broken down into an actionable plan.

You will be happily surprised that with your new step by step plan and your video walk through, they can't get the method wrong and you can find some of the lowest prices on outsourcing. For $3-$4/hour, you will have the new method working for you.

You can choose just to let the outsourcer do the work alone, but I like to invest the same amount of time into the project as my outsourcer during these first 2 weeks. Two heads are better than 1. This is only the case when it's a new method that I don't know will work or not.

I always run my test run along side the outsourcer but I use my spin on it. I also inform the outsourcer that they are open to think for themselves and expand on the method in anyway they see will help for a quarter of the allotted work time. This is where finding an outsourcer who knows about the topic will return better results.

You can of course not hire an outsourcer and just follow the method yourself diligantly. I'm sure you can make it work yourself, especially if you choose a WSO that you actually need today, but...

For only $30-$40, you can get twice as much done in the same amount of time... or if you don't have time to do it yourself, it will still be finished. Every new method has a learning curve. The sooner you see results, the more likely you are going to stick with the method.

Try it next time. If you can't invest more than $10 for your business today, then don't buy that WSO. Invest that $10 somewhere that could produce more money.

If you just don't have the money, but you really need that WSO... lol...

There are other ways to help make sure you see results. Here's my favorite...

Host a mind master group with the buyers. Most WSOs will return testimonials and reviews. Go through these posts under the WSO and talk with the buyers. Invite them to a skype channel or a GoToMeeting. If they are leaving a review, they are probably pretty happy with the product and might have already seen results.

Have a daily discussion with this group to keep everyone on track. This way you have multiple people working on getting the same type of results and everyone is learning from another. If just one person see's results, you now have another live model to replicate.

I've been starting to add these groups to my products and it's helped everyone involved... without needing me in the process too.

Good WSO creators are making products that are there to help you succeed. It just takes a little action and some smart thinking to make it work for you... even without you having to do anything sometimes.

I hope that helps you guys out when trying to make your next WSO purchase work.

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    Great post Travis. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about getting results from WSO's. I can certainly relate to what you wrote.
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      Nice post travis. Another thing is "Time Management", when you sit down to put these wso's into action, close facebook, close the warroirforum, close your email, close everything but what your working on.

      Make "ToDo" lists, and do the things you put on the list. Break everything down into multiple steps, it will be easier to deal with smaller tasks at a time.

      Most important thing is to Take Action!

      (¯`·._.·Want Free Instagram Followers?·._.·´¯)
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    When I get a WSO, I normally find that 80% of what it covers is stuff I already know, however, I always like to look for the gems in the 20%. If I get 1 or 2 aha moments, and get excited enough to implement them, then it's worth the $7 I paid for it.
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    Travis that's awesome stuff man, yes one has to also do their due diligence before buying so research and also buying what your business needs should be a good start.
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    A lot of review and feedback are fake on WF, the reviewer never use the product or service but leaving a 5 star feedback to the owner to exchange something.

    fake income claim is another problem to make buyer stick to the hype.

    i have brought a lot of useless product base on these review and income proof, but i have never get the same result as the seller promised.

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    as travis says there are some excellent wso`s around with tonnes of value for the money you pay

    but you do have to find them

    there is a lot of bs around and a lot of people do hype up the claims but just make sure you have your BS detector turned up and if any doubt do some research on the seller to see who he or she is

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  • Great post Travis, I'm getting ready to launch a WSO and am trying to make sure I don't end up on the bad list later, this post helps. Thanks for sharing.
    soon people... Relax...
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    Very good post, Travis!

    As you mentioned, it's important to do due diligence. The fun part is when you research wso sellers and look at their older posts on the forums, and you find that many of them (like the 4 that you mentioned) reveal some great, actionable, and yes, FREE 5-star information that could be a wso all on its own.

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      Originally Posted by Michael Franklin View Post

      Very good post, Travis!

      As you mentioned, it's important to do due diligence. The fun part is when you research wso sellers and look at their older posts on the forums, and you find that many of them (like the 4 that you mentioned) reveal some great, actionable, and yes, FREE 5-star information that could be a wso all on its own.
      Exactly... a quick search is usually all it takes to know if a user is for real or not.

      You can literally find a lot of new WSO creators asking questions a few days before on how to do the same method they are selling their WSO about. This is a quick indication that the person just wrote a research paper and doesn't have any real life results.

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    Great post Travis. It was very informational for me. Thank you very much.
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    lots of good information in your post, thanks
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