Need Help With SBI (SiteBuildIt) To Create A Website

by Paresh J 4 replies
Hi everyone,

I wish to take this opportunity to enquire if anybody can help me create/develop an art based website using all the tools provided via SBI package.

I have created word copy content of the entire website -- and all I require is help uploading the material using SBI features.

I would preferably like to have this created asap by someone who is proficient (SBI'ers) and has all-round knowledge of SBI website creation - -that would be a bonus

I would appreciate you feedback -- and I can provide further details once you PM me.

I look forward to your replies.

Thanks and God Bless.

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    Is there a reason you are not using SBI's support help and discussion forums to ask this question?

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      Hi there Bill,

      Thanks for your reply -- this is a good question, the fact is that I happen to be dyslesxic Bill, and it's something that has affected me adversely particularly when it comes to creating something using technology

      I understand that SBI has number of wonderful features but, as explained above it's not something that I am comfortable with. I bought the package, with help of a friend who was going to help me develop the site, but unfortunately he was involved in an accident.

      Thanks again for your reply -- God Bless,


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        Hi Paresh,

        If you go to the main SBI site, you'll find some information about certified SBI webmasters. Since they work with SBI all the time, they'd be the ones most qualified to help you.

        Good luck with it!

        - Kat Bartone

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    G`day Paresh,

    I`d recommend getting help from SBI itself if possible ... or
    learn fast ... lol ... I thought they would help out like that.

    Sorry I can`t help as I don`t use it but I do have a friend
    who does and he says it is well worth it and creates an
    awesome income ... mind you he`s an absolute SEO freak
    into silo sites and rank`s first page against millions.

    HOLY CR*P!!

    He`s #1 for his main keyword in the SERP`s against 534 000 000

    No that ain`t no typo ... was only 122 000 000 last time I
    looked ... LOL ... and indented result to boot ... gonna go
    read his SEO book again!!

    Christopher J.
    WSO --> HOMEPAGER <--- WSO
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