Do you attend Webinar?

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Hi, do you attend webinar? I attend a few for the last few months..the part that i hate is products they sell which is mostly software will cost around $97 to sometimes $999.00. That's insane! I now become very picky when it comes to attend webinar, i know it's free but it's frustrating when you can't afford to buy that software. How about you?
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    I absolutely HATE webinars. I don't like video training, either. The sound is always off and the video is never as good as it could be.

    I prefer a nice, simple PDF so that I can read through it (I'm a fast reader), write down the point or two I can't remember, and then go on and take action before I get bored or my attention span waivers.

    -- j

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  • I am selective about which webinars I attend. It has to be hosted by someone I trust who will provide real value. Of course, there is always a sales pitch. I have learned quite a few tricks by attending them but like I said I am very selective about which ones I attend.
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    Nope never tried too ..
    Can someone suggest me a selective one ..
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    Nope, I don't. I only watch the recordings.
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      I haven't but I might in the future.
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    Yes, I've attended about 10-15 webinars in the last couple of years. Most of them have been great: a few by Brendon Burchard and Frank Kern spring to mind. I've probably ended 4 or 5 prematurely when they were light on content and heavy on pitch but they were all great learning experiences.

    I admire those marketers who can put these together and wax lyrical for over an hour without talking bs. American marketers really have a gift for this. Not sure what it is but being from the UK and listening to the Amercian accent, they make everything sound interesting.
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    Webinars are a great way to deliver content but if you'r on a slow broadband then it does make the experience a bad and it is hard to follow along...
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    Alot of the webinars i attend are geared towards selling me something instead of delivering solid information. There's this marketing guy named "Dave Dee" who's webinars i attend. They're pretty good.
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    Some of the best information I have come across has been through Webinars. But Yes - I do not deny that some Webinars are often just pathetic sales pitches which a newbie is likely to get sucked into. Watch out and stay away from marketers who do that. There are several honest marketers though who conduct really informative webinars to share relevant information and more so, obtain feedback from the participants.
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      I go on alot.
      Bring a pen and paper because 9 times out of ten they will teach you a good "trick".
      Of course they are gonna be selling a product, that;s how they make money, selling stuff.
      You just need to decide whether you need it or not.
      But as I said, most I go on usually has a good tip(s) to offer regardless whether I buy something or not.
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    Webinars are good if the person doing the webinar actually has some experience doing them. I have attended great webinars and then some not so great.
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