Any tips of copyright etc for free ebook?

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For a free giveaway ebook for your squeeze page what is the best way to go?

Should you insert a simple copyright notice etc. Or not at all?

Or ask to share freely with another aff. link?

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    You don't need to put copyright info, if you want people to share it with others. Moreover, specify "YES" on free distribution rights.

    For example:

    [YES] Can be given away

    You should put a disclaimer on the first page if you want to embed affiliate link inside your ebook.

    Hope this answers your questions.
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    Anyone Else?
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      It doesn't matter whether you insert copyright information or not. In the US, at least, once you've created it, you have automatic copyright.

      If you want to allow giveaway rights or any other use, you should be making that clear in the ebook or with a separate license. For giveaways, most people just add their terms to the page before or after the index.

      Conversely, if you see a PDF or whatever that doesn't have copyright info, that does not mean that you can use it. Unless you are given explicit permission, it belongs to whoever created it whether they state it or not.
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    Without knowing your desired result it's hard to offer a definitive suggestion. But generally, it doesn't matter. Simply tell them what they're allowed to do.
    You can insert your copyright notice and allow giveaway rights or no rights at all.
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    thanks, that helps
    "Everything is revealed in a still mind"
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