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Anyone sell products on amazon? I was thinking about making a computer product site but i was wondering when you sell amazon products is their anyway to hide the fact that their amazon products? Like to make an account widgit so they buy off the website instead of amazon?
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    Your customer will ultimately purchase through Amazon's system - not your site, so I really wouldn't worry too much about it.

    Often, a customer clicking an advert for a DVD will click through and buy several other Amazon products that I don't have on the site they visited. I still get the commission though.

    Good luck,

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      I sell Amazon very successfully through several niche sites. The best solution I have found is to use Amazon Store Builder software available

      It costs $99 and $20 annually, but they also have a free lite version which is reasonably good for small sites.
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        You also should check out

        They have simple code for hundreds of affiliate products
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    I checked goldencan, became free member. It seems good. I do not know if anybody is doing really great with it. I also noted created a site with associate o matic lite but so far not much luck with it.

    How you guys market amazon sites. Is it ppc or just social bookmarking.


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  • why hide the fact the site is amazon. I LOVE having people know the products are at amazon

    not only to people trust amazon more than most, they buy tons of other stuff at amazon then they arrived for, eg, I send them there for a monitor and they buy 5 things plus the monitor

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