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So I'm just wondering....

Would it be more beneficial to create your own unique blog/product and promote just that?

- or -

Create several autoblogs of the same niche and promote your product through all of those?

- or - a mix of both... somehow?

Thoughts? :rolleyes:
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    People will have different answers for you here, but I personally like just the one blog.

    You can sell several products in your niche within that one blog and use various keywords related for your posts. This way you focus directly on ranking and getting traffic to just one blog instead of many and becoming overwhelmed.

    I hope this helps

    Lori P.
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    Focus on one thing at a time.. It's going to be tough (In my opinion) to get autoblogging started because of Google panda. That's part of the reason it was put in place; to kill autoblog in the search engine rankings.

    I'm sure there are guys who are crushing it at autoblogging but they've been doing it a while; know the ends and outs.

    I just gave up on a few of my blogs because I was trying to do too much at one time. Now I'm focused..

    Point of the story: what ever you do, focus on that until you master it or you'll either fail or cut yourself short

    Good luck
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    It does help, thanks - because that is the way I'm currently using is just one blog and selling products through there.

    I was just wondering if maybe it would be beneficial to pursue my one MAIN blog and mostly optimize, update, and promote that - but then also create mini auto-blogs on the side that perhaps benefit my main blog somehow?? Or maybe as just a way to earn some income on the side while I get my main blog on the road.

    Haha, just looking for opinions and suggestions - thanks so much for the reply Lori!
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      I'd concentrate all my efforts on one blog.

      If you're worried about diversifying income, once your making good money with affiliate products and one source of traffic generation, make your own product and learn another traffic generation method.

      Much less complicated than jumping from site to site, IMO.

      I tried making loads of sites at the beginning and ended up with a sore head, lol, but I'm pretty OCD so I like everything to be simple.
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    Thanks, I appreciate the input and opinions - it really helps!

    I'm interested to hear if anybody else has a difference of opinion... or perhaps agree with the ones already given?

    You're all amazing haha, thank you so much!
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    I can create 10 blog at a time, if I have people to manage it than yeah I can open 10 blogs at a time, but I am alone myself than one blog is all hard to manage..

    I highly suggest to go for one blog, make full time income from it and than create other blogs and hire or outsource people to write content on is that simple and easy..

    I hope this helps to understand

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    Using multiple blogs that are on their own dedicated IP's can help with your SEO, but as stated above keeping up with the content creation for multiple blogs is difficult to do unless you can afford to have the blog posts written for you.



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    Definitely one blog - especially since you're talking about promoting the same product in the same niche, LOL. The results are way better if you become an authority in that niche; not to mention, it's easier to make one blog an authority than it would be for 10.
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    Thanks for all the replies!!!

    See, when this idea first came to me I was thinking along the lines of continuing to update my main blog with regular content and promoting my product/list through there - but then also create mini, niche related, AUTO blogs on the side - both for the side income through ads, as well as perhaps linking those back to my main site.

    Is this a good idea or bad idea? lol, and if anyone can... please explain why?

    This is huge for me to understand the implications between each option so I can decide what is best for me to do - thank you all so incredibly much!
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      If you set up the sales funnel on your website, once you're done tweaking it you'll have good conversion, right?

      So instead of wasting all your time on other websites, you can be using 100% of your time to update your main site and drive traffic to a sales funnel YOU KNOW is converting.
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    I think it would be much nicer to just have one blog. However, you could easily put a year's worth of effort into it and fall out of favor with Google. I guess it would depend on where your traffic will be coming from.
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    • It is easier to manage one blog. This way you can add multiple articles for different keywords and attract more traffic. You can create other blogs with time, but it is better to focus your attention on one blog for the start.
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        If you'd like an authority blog - focus on just that one. But the idea of spreading the word through other autoblogs is quite good. You can use them for backlinks...

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    Create as much autoblogs as you can,in all related niches.
    If you think that you can get nice traffic with several handwritten posts,you are wrong.

    more pages=more keywords=more traffic.
    Thats it.
    You just need to create them,and don't need to manage. Everything is auto,content creation,promotion. You just need to setup everything and it's easy. Just clone blogs as much as you want.
    But,you still neeed to invest into domains and hosting.

    So,if you have money to buy com domains,just buy and create autoblogs.
    If not,create one blog,but the result will be no money at all.
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    I prefer to put my efforts into doing up a content rich blog rather spread my attention across different blogs. It is much easier to keep track of my progress, content formulation. Multiple blogs do have their benefits though, such as back links as previously mentioned. However, unless I can outsource the work of multiple blogs (or have the luxury of time), I am more likely to take good care of one blog.
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    With the way google is heading, I think one blog is the way to go.

    It would be very difficult to keep up with all the updating and promotion that will be needed to rank in the future (and even right now) for many blogs.

    Google is determined to de-index autoblogs, so why even fiddle with them. Its like fighting an uphill battle now.

    Gone Fishing
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    Lol, don't afraid google.
    Instead of one visit to restaurant,just buy 20 domains and create autoblogs.
    You never will do more money with one site,than with many autoblogs. Don't listen "theorists" and think logically.
    Each site just need to make more than 5-10$ a year,to become profitable,the price of domain. When your blog have more and more pages every day and more traffic,do you think it's hard?
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    Originally Posted by Brekat23 View Post

    So I'm just wondering....

    Would it be more beneficial to create your own unique blog/product and promote just that?

    - or -

    Create several autoblogs of the same niche and promote your product through all of those?

    - or - a mix of both... somehow?

    Thoughts? :rolleyes:
    If it's the same niche, I think one website is better because then you can build an authority site with lots of good content which will rank better in the long run. But if you are looking for quicker rankings, traffic to your sites and money coming faster then build small websites with exact match domains to get ranked fast.

    Personally I think building one authority website is a better idea if it's the same niche

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    You're comparing one blog vs tons of autoblogs?

    I honestly don't think they really can be compared.

    WIth one blog, you'll likely have better quality, be able to focus on it more, and you'll get MUCH more traffic in the long term.

    Autoblogs still work, but they're losing ground fast me thinks.
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    Guys,you like to talk about authority blogs and don't realise that autoblog can be authority blog.
    You don't clearly understand what is autoblogging. It's just automate the same things wich you doing by hand,totally emulating human behavior.
    Noone can compete with automation, while you sleep,it's working,and not on one,but on many blogs.
    Google don't know,if you posting by hand or auto,it's just need to look more natural.
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