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by carolm
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Whenever I put an internal link in my post text from that post to another of my own posts that is relevant, it shows up as a 'Comment to be Moderated' by me on my Dashboard - because I've selected 'monitor all comments' in my settings.

On my Dashboard, should I 'approve' these Comments - which are really links not comments? It doesn't seem to make much difference on the page, since the links all work without approving them.

If I don't Approve them, it's not so easy to see amongst all that yellow background (Comments awaiting approval) which are my links and which are real Comments by readers.

Thanks in advance

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    This is known as a 'self pingback' - just like a normal pingback when some other blog links to your posts. You can approve them or delete them it's up to you.

    If you want to disable them from ever appearing in your comments, here's a good reference that shows you 2 methods on how to do it:
    How To Disable Self Pingbacks in WordPress Without a Plugin « Boutros AbiChedid

    Hope this helps!
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    Hey Ken! Your avatar makes you look like the Caped Crusader (good)! Thanks for the quick reply. Can you explain a couple of things?

    1. If I delete/trash these self-pingbacks in my Comments, does that change anything other than the appearance of my Dashboard? Or if I approve them, does that 'add' any benefit to my site?

    2. I haven't got my head around the details of pingbacks (I've tried ). My understanding is that a pingback from another site is a Backlink which is good, isn't it? So why would I want to delete them?
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